February 06

What Happened After I Lived On A Banana Only Detox Diet For 12 Days.

I am back from my 12-day banana island detox challenge and I feel amazing! A banana island or a mono fruit island is a detox challenge that has many benefits, so in this video I describe my banana journey, the benefits I have experienced and also give you tips on how you can do this mono raw fruit diet detox challenge for the best results.

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224 Responses to What Happened After I Lived On A Banana Only Detox Diet For 12 Days.

  1. Bengel Z says:

    How many bananas did you eat in these 12 days?

  2. Armando Moretti says:

    Hi Yulia!! I am thinking in going through a banana island in another try to finally solve candidiasis (brain fog, dizziness, fatigue, blurred visionetc) My idea is to give a try to banana island, then orange island, then orange juice island and finally water only fasting in case I do not succeed in the previous practises. Do you think is a good plan? I am now in 811rv with no overfats. Thank you very much and congratulations for your web site and experience. Armando Moretti

    • Rawsomehealthy says:

      Hi Armando,

      See how you get along. Some people overcome candida on the banana island or a mono island, others require fasting. Personally, in my case, orange juice/fruit juice would make things worse as it lacks fiber. I would love to hear about your experience, please keep in touch to update on your progress.

      Happy island-ing!

  3. Armando Moretti says:

    Thanks for your comment Yulia! I will follow your advise and get the ripped bananas first to ensure my provision. I agree with you in relation to orange fiber, maybe I can do an orange island with the whole orange, it sounds better and makes more sense. I will keep you updated on how is it going :)

  4. Andrea Zemrau says:

    I did a 14 day banana island. I was trying for 21 days but just couldn’t do it any longer. In hindsight I wish I had listened to my body and ended the island earlier. It took awhile before i could eat bananas again ha ha. I really liked how little time and thought it took to just eat bananas. It was very interesting and it definitely further convinced me that mono meals are the way to go! simple is best!

  5. Charm says:

    Excellent site. Lots of helpful info here. I’m sending it to a few pals. Thanks to your effort!

  6. Ronni says:

    After watching this video, I decided to go on a Banana Island for about a week.  I tried it last week, and on the third day I had to stop.  I experienced extreme fatigue and emotions all over the place (more so than usual, lol).  My skin broke out pretty badly.  I also noticed that I had a metallic taste in my mouth.  My husband told me that my breath smelled metallic also.  On the second day, I ended up with what I thought might have been a toothache.  By the third day, my toothache was worse and that side of my head hurt.   The metallic taste was much worse too.  I was also quite nauseous.  I was pretty frightened about the metallic taste and that day I decided to eat other foods, as long as they were raw fruits and veggies.  As soon as I ate a mango, my toothache went away and the taste of metal also went away.
    Do you have any idea what the metallic taste and the toothache were all about?  Should I have kept doing the Banana Island, or was I right to stop?
    I should add that a few days after this experience, my complexion is much brighter  and I feel like I have more energy than usual.
    Thank you so much for your informative website.  It really helps me stay on track! :)

    • Rawsomehealthy says:

      Hi Ronni,

      Some people do experience a metallic taste in their mouth when going through a detox, though there can be other reasons for it as well, which can include dental issues, medications that you may be taking, not drinking enough water. If you have metal fillings in your teeth/tooth pain it may be very worth your while getting them checked by your dentist.

      Hope this helps!

      Kind regards


  7. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Generally speaking spotted bananas are riper and so better to eat as the starch has broken down into simple sugars and so is much easier to digest by the stomach. Are they eating their bananas with other foods or just after they have eaten other foods/have been drinking something? This can cause them to suffer burping. We have an article on our website rawsomehealthy about ‘Food Combining’ – just do a search, it is very informative.

  8. Nicolaj Nørlem says:

    Beautiful woman.

  9. Sindy Bell says:

    Do you think that doing banana island every other day for a couple months would also be beneficial?

  10. danielle says:

    Yulia you look so pretty and healthy!

  11. 1hopefulman says:

    What I like about you is that you don’t look skinny. How tall are you and how much do you weigh?

  12. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Green tea is actually a stimulant and as such not a truly healthy drink.

  13. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Eating pizza and burgers both highly processed and containing animal products (meat/cheese pizza) is not going to be stress free on your body.

  14. Robert Read says:

    I don’t think she actually went to an Island. She is just using that as a metaphor for the mono diet.

  15. Berryflowers says:

    what about diabetics?

  16. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Anyone who is a type 2 diabetic and wanted to do banana island we would firstly recommend them switching to a low fat raw food diet with initially eating semi acid or acid fruits, lots of greens and no overt fats, which incl things like nuts/seeds/avocado etc until completely off insulin. Type 1 diabetics can also receive great benefit by following a low fat raw food diet.

  17. juliagoolia143 says:

    Banana island doesn’t mean a literal island.

  18. BaBOehOY says:

    Are you now more Radioactive?

  19. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Yes I am more active now. :-)

  20. Rawsomehealthy says:

    A healthy person should not have any problems with potassium from bananas.

  21. G0MPgomp says:

    Did you get the runs, the first few days? :p

  22. Rawsomehealthy says:

    No.No ‘runs’.

  23. wylwrk says:

    The lethal dose of potassium is 2500mgs per kg of body weight in 30 seconds. That’s 300-400 bananas in 30 seconds. No, actually no… you can’t say potassium overdose.

  24. 00great226 says:

    I managed to do it for 12 minutes.

  25. Rawsomehealthy says:

    This is not a calorie restricting diet, and has assisted many people with digestive/health disorders.

  26. alwaysbubblydeva says:

    Thank you for that. I have truly been contemlating about incorparating more fruits and veggies in my daily diet. I want to and I am trying hard to eat more veggies. I want to lose around 75 lbs.

  27. Bellahsin says:

    how do you make sure having enough properly ripened bananas in hand for the whole time?

  28. Sander Buruma says:

    What area of the UK are you in? A small spiritual group may be setting getting settled in in Wales pretty soon so I think we might end up in proximity.

  29. Tracy Minton says:

    Hi Yulia~ obviously you are really in great shape. I read an interview you did with ‘Lovin’ It Raw~Allison. The diet you had been enjoying at that time was a lot of juicier fruits, and felt less need for greens, and I don’t remember exactly, but I think less interest in the sweeter or less water rich fruits. Since that was working for you, what prompted the trip to the islands? Just was curious, as your diet was a simple raw diet for some time I would guess.

  30. Tracy Minton says:

    Hi Yulia~ obviously you are really in great shape. I read an interview you did with ‘Lovin’ It Raw~Allison. The diet you had been enjoying at that time was a lot of juicier fruits, and felt less need for greens, and I don’t remember exactly, but I think less interest in the sweeter or less water rich fruits. Since that was working for you, what prompted the trip to the islands? Just was curious, as your diet was a simple raw diet for some time I would guess.

  31. NuclearNympho says:

    Cognitively speaking, your ineptitude is very rewarding.

  32. Arlene Wheeler says:

    too many bananas can also cause a heart attack

  33. Rawsomehealthy says:

    If someone is suffering from kidney disease then they may not be able to easily process the potassium in the bananas they eat, which could cause them problems and so should seek medical advive, but for a healthy person eating lots of bananas is not an issue!

  34. Rawsomehealthy says:

    We are in Surrey, feel free to get in touch when you are here.

  35. urshe100 says:

    Ha ha

  36. 2females1male says:

    I plan to give this a try. Glad I watched your video. I am an 80/10/10’r. My diet is all organic, all raw, all fruit/greens/vegies. No avocados, no nuts. I have a problem with overt fats of any kind. I have some days where all I want is fruit. I love bananas!!!


  37. Growndweller says:

    I’m doing a banana eating thing right now and I feel what she did, very calm and peaceful and in tune with myself. It sounds strange but I feel more innocent.

  38. Rawsomehealthy says:

    We wanted to explore some new places so hence the change.

  39. Bntdubai1 says:

    How many time in a day should i eat banana ?

  40. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Many people eat the standard 3 times a day.

  41. TeaPips says:

    Where is your accent from?

  42. Rawsomehealthy says:

    I am from Russia originally.

  43. Brynn Trussell says:

    look who’s talking.

  44. Clarissa Mc Kenzie says:

    Just found your channel! I love that you are Russian. My 15 yr old has been trying to learn Russain on his own because we cannot afford (or find!) a tutor! Thanks for this help, I am going to try it. Been raw/vegan since feb this year. I did a 60 day juice detox prior so I can do this. Thanks much! :-)

  45. satireval says:

    Very inspiring video but how many bananas in a day did you eat? I am not sure if You mentioned it.

  46. Bouvier HasRisen says:

    i ate bananas for 2 days and that was it, not trying to be grotesque or whatever but my bm looked like a banana, called my mother because i was freaking out

  47. Rawnsameheartly says:

    great information

  48. LyndaIngridLee1 says:

    bananas are high in purine content so not recommended for ppl with kidney problem You may want to go for kidney checkup on bananas diet only

  49. Louise MN says:

    I’m not sure what to do. I had candida before starting the raw vegan low fat diet. I am really disappinted because I have my doctor has found the yeast overgrowth much higher. The fatigue is extreme. nausea, fever, and a really bad rash behind the knee. I am really disappointed about this, but I feel so sick.

  50. julio Laredo says:

    what happens when yellow bananas are no more?

  51. Rawfoodslifeenergy says:

    im gonna be eating nothing but bananas for 30 days and vlog it, if your interested check out my channel for daily updates

  52. holly bilski says:

    I don’t think it was a literal island, but lolz anyways 😉

  53. holly bilski says:

    Maybe it’s because I live in California, but I’ve always been surrounded by vegans and such and I’ve only experienced self-righteous humorlessness from my cow-munching, trailer-trash family. “God gave them to us to eat” and all that. Evidently it was my duty to eat whatever came my way, and I had to get really good at sneaking stuff to the dog under the table or I’d get the most humorless spanking you’ve ever seen. Yikes!

  54. TheIronDie says:

    My GF is trying this atm and is suffering from very painful trapped wind, any tips?

  55. Phonpreeya Sinturak says:

    in 1 week how many kl will i lose in banana iland ???

  56. Winterstick549 says:

    Drink lots of water, and add soluble fiber to your drinks and soft food.

  57. reinventme127 says:

    I tell my dialysis patients to avoid bananas because of the potassium content. For them it can be deadly.

  58. Peter M. Rayment says:

    I love bananas! :)

  59. Rawsomehealthy says:

    It will depend on many factors i.e. activity levels, how many you eat, overall-lifetsyle etc.

  60. Omskanielar says:

    If you didn’t understand that it wasn’t an actual island, you should’ve had googled for Banana Island/ Mono Fruit Island before posting this…

    Do you live in New Zealand or Australia? Where do you get your amount of bananas (I live in Germany, they’re almost all imported here and thus not really affordable at normal supermarkets, plus not organic)? Can I try this even if I’m only ‘normal’ vegan (no going raw until I earn my own money and/or emigrate^^)?
    Thanks =)

  61. Kirsten Silvers says:

    I like your bike :)

  62. billy cromer says:

    im gonna do this for 30 days and i plan on eating about every 2 hours. do u recommend i do that or try a different method? thanks for your time :)

  63. kingdomwinds says:

    bananas don’t detox though. look at any detox protocol, bananas are never mentioned.

  64. Rawsomehealthy says:

    You may want to add some greens to your banana diet as you progress through it. Eating proper meals that leave you feeling fully satiated are always healthier than eating many small meals all through the day (grazing).

  65. billy cromer says:

    ok i will do that and thank u very much :)

  66. tony laymon says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  67. Daina McDowell says:

    It’s not as much what you eat, but what nutrients are involved. Less saturated fats, salt, processed sugar/toxins. More B12,Omega 3, and lots of water, along with the other nutrients we use. Less meats, grain/seed protein, healthy fats more fruit/veggies. From what I’ve seen it’s all about not what kind of food you eat, but getting those essential nutrients. Fruititarians, Mediterranean diets, and Asian*starch diets* seem to be doing the best! So there are choices for everyone.

  68. kittyminty says:

    fruitarianism has also elderly representatives. Anette Larkins, Douglas Graham, Lou Corona, Dr. Lockhart, Richard Gambino, Tim Van Orden (not that old, but still over 40), Don Kidson, … there are more, but indeed far less then there are that do a starch-based diet. And that is more because a starch-based diet is much easyer to follow in our society then a fruitarian diet, so there are just a lot more people who can represent it.

  69. lyonsd1875 says:

    I’d rather go to Gilligan’s Island. Especially with this gal, who looks like Mary Ann.

  70. TheForrestHermit says:

    This a great quote from allaboutfast. “The most “cleansing” fruits are recommended — apples, grapes, and citrus”

  71. Giesbrecht41 says:

    WOW! You are so beautiful! My family have been eating a 100% raw for 9 yrs. We avoid nuts totally! I am overweight. Have seasonal allergies; get severe headaches. I need to change something drastically soon. You look healthy and beautiful

  72. PamelaViktoria says:

    I’m going to my produce wholesaler next Friday. Maybe I’ll go on cherry or blueberry island. mmmm

  73. Mangelaar says:

    Why avoid nuts like almonds and walnuts which are amazingly healthy. As for your seasonal allergies try virgin coconut oil for a few weeks. It will work wonders. Peace !

  74. Rawsomehealthy says:

    No need for oils on a healthy diet as they are fragmented nutrition.

  75. Mangelaar says:

    Oils well actually medium chain fatty acids out of coconut oil and part of a healthy diet and not fragmented nutrition. I had some friends with allergies like hay fever and although they had a healthy diet like you the allergies wouldn’t go away. So i told them to try out coconut oil. And guess what after 3 weeks the allergies were gone. Just saying,.. maybe you dunno the health benefits of it yet. Keep an open mind. Peace !

  76. Rawsomehealthy says:

    You can get fatty acids from eating a nutrient balanced whole food without the need to consume oils which are processed and 100% fat. This is the way we advocate getting fatty acids and as such is completely natural. Peace

  77. Mangelaar says:

    Coconut oil is not processed at least the one i use is pure natural cold pressed. Saturated fat like coconut oil contains lauric acid which your body converts into monolaurin which has antibacterial,.. antiviral and antiprozoal properties. Certain blue zones like hawai have a higher average quality age and that has been the case for thousands of years. Why do people there sustain more quality at an older age. According to reasearch coconut oil was very involved together with healthy nutrition.

  78. medicolas says:

    I did it for a week and gained 8 pounds!

  79. EmbodyMalika Zitouni says:

    Anything that you cannot find naturally in nature is processed… Like coconut oil.

  80. Fatty yuk says:

    how many banana you ate in a day? thanks

  81. Treat Nguyen says:

    Hi. Thanks. I’m severely ill and I eat bananas frequently. I share about my health at treatng.blogspot .com (no space). Please read first blog post dated November 15, 2012 and share my blog URL with your connections or viewers to help them prevent illnesses. Thanks.

  82. Treat Nguyen says:

    Hi. I’m severely ill and eat bananas frequently. I share about my health at treatng.blogspot .com (no space). Please read first blog post dated November 15, 2012 and share my blog URL with your subscribers or viewers to help them prevent illnesses. Thanks.

  83. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Around 25 to 30 a day (approx 2500 to 3000 calories) and I did lots of exercise each day.

  84. CassieAnna C says:

    What if you’re allergic to Bananas? Do you have any advice?

  85. The Coon says:

    Yes. Dooooon’t !

  86. Shafinaz Anwar says:

    omg im in love with your accent especially when u say ‘banana island’ 😀

  87. LifeIsEverythingOrg says:

    You are lovely, wish you the best.

  88. vineetvajpai1983vv says:

    Thank you very much

  89. shahilagh says:

    you should consider that if someone has a jobs s/he at office or so cant do lots of exercise per day.

  90. Ruta Rackyte says:

    Hello, would you recommend this diet if you are breastfeeding? May baby is about 6 months.

  91. Acacia Gray says:

    Would you recommend going on this diet for 20-30 days?

  92. Rawsomehealthy says:

    The more healthier foods you eat the better for your baby, but we would suggest you contact Dr Doug Graham at vegsource website and ask him this question directly.

  93. Rawsomehealthy says:

    It really depends on what you are wanting to achieve.

  94. John Gosper says:

    sorry but its all in your head, you convinced yourself that it was good, you cant live on banana’s long term, please, you’d go banana’s!

  95. moojeni says:

    Just curious, what is your 5k PR?

  96. perwana01 says:

    I was interested in the banana only diet for detox reasons….as I consume mostly processed foods.My question is….I know you went on the diet for weeks, but I know I cant commit to that, so would it be any good if I did it for 3 days, or would it be a lost cause?—-And im saying 3 days because I have to be honest with myself….of years of processed foods, I there is no way I could commit to it for weeks.So would it do my body any good if I did it for only 3 days?Thanks

  97. Rawsomehealthy says:

    Yes you can certainly do it for 3 days if that works best for you.

  98. Rawsomehealthy says:

    24:44 for 5k and working to get under 24 mins.

  99. anna marie jimenez says:

    NO! you have to eat , talk to your doctor , my sister-in-law asked her doctor while she was breast feeding and he said she has to eat

  100. anna marie jimenez says:

    Would This Help Weight Loss ?

  101. Rawsomehealthy says:

    We are going to be making a new video regarding this very subject so stay tuned!

  102. Коко Штангел says:

    really? your accent doesn’t sound like Russian, but more like Asian

  103. cohavideos says:

    What I am curious about is that if the goal of being “raw” and healthy, why you are pumping yourself full of tons and tons of sugar to “detoxify”? Bananas are not nearly as detoxifying as leafy greens, vegetables, and other more juicy fruits. Your body needs some fat and protein to build itself, but it can do quite fine without carbohydrates and sugar that bananas are chock full of. Why not try eating more greens than fruit, considering they are much more nourishing and arent’ loaded w/ sugar?

  104. datetarian says:

    I just finished by third day of banana island tonight and I think I am done with it. I want to go for some clementines tomorrow and I didn’t experience any digestion improvements. In fact, my bowel movements were subpar (my bananas were super ripe). I did have insane amounts of energy and my mood was really great!

  105. Michelle Alexander says:

    Ok so you eat nothing but bananas / chosen fruit …. And nothing else

  106. MDOY79 says:

    Cohavideos, I cant reply to any comments anymore since google took over things, but I can tell you sugar is not and never has been the enemy.. it is not toxic and every cell in your body runs on it. Thini about it, withour sugar what are you left with? Fat is all you have to go on and you dont want that. Believing sugar is toxic is like believing oxygen is bad for us

  107. brigitflower says:

    would it be ok to combine greens with the bananas from morning / through the day? i notice you suggest adding greens in the evening..thanku : )

  108. Michael K says:

    How many banana’s did you eat per day?

  109. Luis Morales says:

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  110. FindVegan says:

    While I didn’t just eat bananas alone I have to agree with her. I ate 10-15 bananas a day for 2 months (I had other fruits and veggies during my day too so not just all bananas). I have to say that when I increased the bananas I felt great and I can understand how this can be a great thing. Prior to this I only had 0-2 bananas in a day so wasn’t a big deal. Now I have 100 bananas in the home almost continually to snack on. Not sure if I’ll ever take it above 15 but I’m 100% raw vegan so all fruits, veggies, and nuts is what I eat and it feels great.

  111. Kirill Liakhov says:

    Girl, you are too beautiful to be eating hulk bananas.

  112. StrugglingHealthNut says:

    Thanks for this. I’m planning to do my own “banana island” at the end of this month. I have 12 days. Do you think 1 case of bananas will be enough? I was thinking I would buy them a week in advance so I had time to ripen them.

  113. Tonya St. Clair says:

    I can eat bananas everytime I get. Maybe I should try this…I love that you don’t have to think or plan what you want to eat.

  114. hotmojo1 says:


  115. yaya Spears says:

    Is this a good diet for Diabetics?

  116. John Galiano says:

    Do you recommend the potato diet?

  117. TheGrimriftstalker . says:

    Going on banana island was fun for me. I did it for about a week, a little over. The results were extreme amount of energy(I was a big guy then, 250 pounds) but I ran everyday and no matter where I went it usually involved running. I lost a good 10 pounds, though I was still vegan before this diet, but not for too long, so it was a really great way to keep me motivated. I will say it burned through my money quickly because I’m in canada and unless the bananas are GMO, they’re pretty expensive (1.29/pound). Thanks for sharing this video guys, it’s great stuff!

  118. PinkMimosa says:

    I’m going to try bananas / lettuce. Can’t start til tomorrow (already had watermelon today). These are foods I’ve felt I can live on anyway. I have a gut feeling this is going to work for me. Thanks for your post

  119. Darla De says:

    was there a reason you couldn’t eat celery or cucumbers or lettuce or any other low glycemic fruit or vegetable with the banana diet? this sounds like one of those Heywire diets where you lose weight then gain it back and then some. it just doesn’t make sense its not normal to eat one food for a prolonged period Of time

  120. yaya Spears says:

    Rocco,I’ll check it out. I suggest you check out “Call Me By My True Names” a collection of poetry written by Thich Nhat Hanh about compassion. Education is an ongoing process for the heart, the spirit and the body. Educate yourself…he is the real deal! PeaceF

  121. IntoTheHeartOfMusic says:

    I sounds to me as if you were in a banana induced haze

  122. Samantha Ostalrich says:

    I am 135 kilos would this diet would be good for me? Ty.

  123. parrotfishko says:

    now i will buy a lot of banana.

  124. Intelligent Eating says:

    that’s a lot of bananas….

  125. Carter Felder says:

    How long does it take to get to the island? Is there any electricity?

  126. xxstacy27 says:

    I wonder if I could survive..Sounds peaceful. I need a ton of peace and quietness.

  127. DaTimShow says:

    Looks like you turned your self in to the bottom of the food chain.

  128. jayconn says:

    women who eat only fruit taste really good too

  129. Lac Lace says:

    too much blabla

  130. Mohammed Ali says:

    You also started looking and behaving like a monkey who loves bananas

  131. vballray71 says:

    I wanna try this…I’m sick of feeling like a bloated fat pig…Gonna give it a shot 3/24/14..Will try to do it for total of 5 days… That would be amazing if accomplished..Bananas and water…Let’s do this!!

  132. Patricia Palermo says:

    Sounds good I’ve been eating raw only fruit an veggies an lots of water for 6-7 days now an I’m down 6 lb. I’ll tag along with the other 2 an start Banana Diet March 24:)Thank you so much for sharing yor experince…

  133. Susie Travis says:

    Thank You so much for this video .. I just began my journey on a fruitarian/raw vegan diet. So far I’m enjoying it instead of loathing it! I have been eating loads of bananas and my body really seems to like it. I’m NEVER hungry! Also greens and 100% juices. What are your thoughts on Spirulina and also Roasted Sea Weed (usually has some canola oil & sea salt on it).

  134. Alan Heath says:

    It seems a bit extreme to me. Around 20 bananas a day would give you around 2,000 calories (more or less) but double the amount of carbohydrate and triple the amount of fibre. I would only think it worthwhile if this were reduced to around ten bananas together with a multi vitamin supplement and for women an iron supplement. Possibly also protein from whey or something similar.It probably does not do monkeys any harm but I would not have thought that humans ought to do it too often.

  135. jeans423 says:

    i remember going on my juice fast i was still pooing 6 days after i ate solid food but i felt really good and lost weight

  136. Zoro Zornes says:

    Is this island near Atlantis ?

  137. Kamadev888 says:

    People are going bananas.

  138. luvlyfaithangel47 says:

    It’s not difficult to find bananas here in the Philippines so will try this

  139. Sarah Oranchuk says:

    Did u do this to loose weight …I live in nanaimo I didnt realize you were in surrey that’s awesome!!

  140. WTC7WasPulled says:

    You should eat some raw organ meat like liver daily.

  141. Shanda862004 says:

    I will definitely try it for 5 days! After that I will choose to add nuts,
    leafy greens :) Anyone want to try it with me?

  142. Carb Crunching Vegan says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! I’m currently on banana island atm! Loving it,
    interesting you mentioned about water, i’ve been drinking lots and making
    sure i’m still hydrated, but I do feel like I need to drink more, any idea
    why this is?

  143. edmis90 says:

    Crazy person much?

  144. Marguerite Farrell says:

    I am eating no meat, lots of fruit and veg, juices, but also eating
    homemade granola, with oats, pecans, honey, soy margarine, chia seeds, like
    that. It is a great treat, but I am not losing weight. Is that why? I
    also eat one serving of plain yogurt per day, but I am going to stop that
    as soon as this container of yogurt is gone. What do you think?

  145. Samara V Hamilton says:

    I would advise that you add a medical disclaimer. There are actually some
    individuals for whom this diet would not be recommended, one of them being
    those who take potassium-sparing medications. Otherwise, if you are
    basically healthy, I do not think you can do harm on 12 days of bananas
    only (if you have lots of water too, of course, like you recommend).

  146. Jesse Francisco says:

    Banana plantations are a major source of rainforest destruction, as well as
    unfair trade. Mainly large corporations simply rape the land in third world
    countries so they can make huge profit from misinformed people such as
    Is it not obvious that the key to good health is diversity? That means
    variety people; lots of different colours and textures. Not just a whole
    bunch of bananas.. These aren’t even natural. Real bananas had so many
    seeds that made them nearly inedible.
    DIET is simply about caloric intake… it’s that simple. If you are
    concerned about loosing weight simply have a caloric deficit; if you want
    to be healthy, eat a variety of foods, LOCAL and wild if possible!! Go to
    your local farmers market. Buy fresh vegetables and meats. Stop following
    fads.. it’s ridiculous that this vid has so many views.

  147. Tina Soebbing says:

    Is it possible to give the bananas some flavor every once in a while to
    make it more interesting? Like carob powder for example?

  148. Judy Jackson says:

    too much and too little potassium will give u a heart attack. Not good for

  149. PetalofRed says:

    LOL! Its like you became a super human ALL from eating bananas! Oh wow…
    LOL Who would believe this?!!!

  150. Romy Jugroo says:

    Bananas and coconut water are among my favorites during a trail run.

  151. IMr LAPS says:

    I’m assuming it’s strictly organic bananas?

  152. Popescu Marian says:

    So, why did you stop? Or why don’t you repeat this experiment more ofther
    if you say it gives you these wonderful results?

  153. Cour Barone says:

    Our bodies RUN ON GLUCOSE. Fruit is our friend! People FAST on water and
    juice for up to 40 days (or longer). Our Digestion uses 80% of our energy.
    When we fast, or even mono diet, all our body systems go to rest and start
    cleansing processes. bananas, and all fruit supply us with everything we
    need! 80 percent carbs, 10 percent protein, and 10 percent fat is the
    OPTIMAL ratio for our body, and this is exactly what most fruits are. you
    guys, READ AND RESEARCH. there are literally thousands of books on fasting
    and fruitarianism and their benefits, people have been doing it for ages.
    animals naturally fast when they are sick. mono dieting is a beautiful way
    to relax the system and REBALANCE on every level. if you have questions, do
    not criticize this woman who is spreading the truth, read and educate
    yourself on this! Clearly you are interested or you wouldn’t have clicked
    this video!

  154. Marc Vince says:

    Half of you are gravely mis-informed. Why? Water fasting only was performed
    by our greatest religious leaders for 40 days and they didnt die. Your body
    will tell you when it wants food again. You dont need liver, protein,
    nothingPlease google water fasting or “water fasting dr. kepler” and youll
    see that going into ketosis so you feed on your own body fat is for
    most(not all) people even better than banana fiet, but why not do both in
    the same year or time period? So many of you are calcified into your body
    needs this or that or it wont be well but how many of us are medication
    free and have unlimited energy on a balanced diet? Vegan or not! See my
    point? I am on a water only fast and in 5th day and already I need less
    medication than every before. You can also try most any “raw” mono diet
    with good sucess im sure. Jesus and Moses seemed to know what they were
    doing. Word is by medical doctors who detox people with water is that your
    body will tell you when to eat again. You will have a clean tongue and
    hunger will return naturally after its disappeared after day 3-5. Im going
    to look into this bannana diet as Im always sluggish on a typical balanced
    diet eating only fish and nuts for protein and it still sucks. For
    me…water fasting is the highest you can go in cleansing. But everyones
    genetics and body is different.

  155. Joelle Heinritz says:

    I did watermelon island 2 and a 1/2 days. Banana island 1 day, and mango
    island 1 day. I want to do them longer in the future.

  156. carmen lopez says:

    too much talking and instruccion

  157. Storm Surge says:

    If I was on a tropical Island paradise, I would be peaceful too

  158. Storm Surge says:

    Her father owns a Banana Plantation

  159. IEatBitches4Breakfas says:

    I don’t even know why I’m watching this, I am extremely allergic to bananas
    :( can this be done with any other fruit?

  160. AddAngel says:

    Today is my first day on the banana island. :) I’m excited to take the

  161. samantha k says:

    I also went on a banana island for my first time for 3 days and it was
    AMAZING. I experienced many of the same things. Great digestion, feeling
    deep peace, my best athletic performance, less desire to procrastinate,
    unprecedented mental clarity, so much good vibes, and it really did seem
    like more time was given to me to complete everything I wanted to for that
    day. My only wish was that I had kept doing banana island longer! :)

  162. samantha k says:

    Oh and I live in Tennessee. No tropical paradise or banana plantations
    there 😉

  163. •DisobeyPhysics• says:

    I’d rob an Internet cafe with a water pistol.
    *Squirt Squirt!*

  164. MsFancypants9 says:

    Am I hearing a Russian accent mixed with an Aussie one?? never heard such a
    mix before, lol so interesting!

  165. Said Jeway says:

    I hate those people who watch this then say something negative and it turns
    put their fat lazy peopl

  166. Lora Herbert says:

    I just saw last week on the TV show The Drs last week and they stated the
    banana island is dangerous and after 10 bananas your heart can stop due to
    too much potassium. How was your heart? Have you come across anyone who
    had heart issues while on banana island or ended up in a hospital because
    of it? I was thinking about doing it but want to investigate first.

  167. jerrys life says:

    this many bananas gave me gas

  168. RuudJH says:

    What is it in bananas that makes people talk so much, and want to tell
    everyone about their experiences and share them and talk about themselves
    all the time and become so self involved?
    Can’t people just eat the damn banana and invent something usefull, or
    write or paint? It’s always exercise, banana, exercise,banana.
    Drives me up the wall.

  169. ThehallaSJ says:

    I was sick and in a wheelchair for 8 months because of an odd sickness, i
    learnt about raw vegan and the banana island and ate bananas and greens for
    one week. At the end of the week i was out of my wheelchair and walking
    with a cane, i continued eating raw foods with one cooked vegan meal in the
    evening and the energy and clarity of mind blew me away. One year later i
    hiked 24km in the mountains. Today i am healthier than i ever have been.
    Hannah 17yrs old

  170. lars vegard vesterhagen Bundli says:

    She is mor pleasant than bananagirl

  171. Jesus Christ says:

    now eat this banana

  172. Cindy Jmz says:

    Can anyone do this? For example a 13 year olds!?

  173. Mike Kollin says:

    I”m about 1/2 way through your video.

    So are you saying “Only eat Bananas for a period of time?”

  174. Charles Carter says:

    I hope that anyone watching this video will use their common sense and
    realize this is a company selling a product. Eating just one food, and
    nothing else for twelve days, is hazardous to your health. Bananas contain
    lots of carbs, but NO PROTEIN. So eating just bananas and nothing else will
    cause a severe protein deficiency. In other words, you’ll get sick. The
    attractive lady in this video appears to be quite healthy. But as the old
    saying goes, don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

  175. a gravante says:

    People are meant and designed to eat raw ripe fruit according to Dr. Robert
    Morse.Protein is acid forming in the cells.Your body does not even use
    protein until after the protein is broken down into amino acids with great
    stress put on your body.Raw ripe fruits and vegetables have plenty of amino
    acids already in them.

  176. a gravante says:

    To Charles Carter,I do not practice nutrition,I live it.All the information
    I gave here I learned from Dr. Robert Morse,who has various degrees in
    nutrition,biology,ect.But the difference between Dr. Morse and other
    doctors or practitioners is Dr. Morse actually helps people heal from
    degenerative conditions, from diabetes to cancer.All with out toxic
    drugs.Dr. Morse uses raw ripe fruits and herbs to do this.Do not think just
    because someone has all kinds of degrees they really know what they are
    doing in the health industry.Most doctors do not even know how to help
    people heal.

  177. Farooq Islam says:

    I am not sure about bananas. It could be the water and the weather also
    contribute to health. More sufficient minerals are available in food in
    this Island. People lived in Arab land ate dates and they were healthy. Now
    a days they eat every food like Americans and they have all diseases you
    name it.

  178. Melly Kelly Gitts says:

    By the way, yulia, do you use anything on your skin at all? Like in the
    shower and after a shower.

  179. Passed High School Physics says:

    Bananas are radio active and release ionizing radiation which is detectable
    with a Geiger counter. How radio active does she become after eating all
    of those bananas?
    Think all of that radiation is decreasing her life and increasing her
    chances for getting cancer?

  180. liberty philpots-green says:

    Lol- yes its high in carbs which = lots of seratonin = happy, stable moods.
    High in sugar meaning energy levels stay up, and all the cells in your body
    come alive with the constant raw food sugar hits! Have never felt tired or
    sluggish or foggy in my head living on fruit only, its the complete reverse
    i have so much energy, brain and body working on all cycliners. Its LOW FAT
    which is fantastic as who wants a big heavy body to lug around? Who wants
    clogged artieries, and early death? FYI : my grandfather when he decided he
    really didnt want to go on living (he was about 80 something years old at
    the time) anymore starting eating bacon and egg cook ups every morning
    followed by more eggs and meat throughout the day- he ended up getting
    dementa, lived in a home and has since passed away. BE CLEAN AND LEAN TO
    battle is undoing all the programming and indoctronating that the mass
    media and corporations have drowned on the people so that industries which
    make lots of money continue to do so!! I think anyone with half a brain
    would/should know this??!! Anyway, lots of low fat high carb calories
    weather it be from bananas or other types of fruit and veg is what we all
    should put in out body PERIOD. !!

  181. liberty philpots-green says:

    Also RE the protein issue : The world health organisation determined back
    in the 1970’s that only 2.5% of our daily calorie intake should come from
    protein and this diet in the video gives at least 5% of that. I recommend
    people do their OWN research on why eating animals and animal based
    products are so bad for them – not to mention the utter horendous cruelty
    that each and every animal has to go through which quite frankly is just
    abonable. With no joke.. imagine the horror you would go through being put
    into a meat grinder when your still alive or bled out and cut up while your
    still alive..can you just imagine that put yourself in that position
    metopharically for one moment…yeah..words are hard to describe. There is
    a huge disconnect between people in society and we truly are seperated by
    the utter bullshit that we are fed via media and its own interests. They
    dont care about us. They never will. They want people to get sick and die
    because really the “economy” and the “system” would not work should
    everyone life healthy, long lives. It really wouldnt. So just my two cents
    because i do feel passionatly about this subject and it seems others need
    to understand it more so they can make their OWN EDUCATED decisions.

  182. Miriam Schaefer says:

    awesome, going to do it too!!!! will let you know about my experience,
    can’t wait!!!

  183. Charles Carter says:

    To Destiny Morale who sent me an email. Your comment is that bananas
    contain 1.3 gms of protein, so if you eat 30 or 40 bananas a day, you’ll
    get plenty of protein. Not true! 1. Bananas contain an incomplete protein.
    Meaning without all 20 amino acids, especially the essential amino acids –
    EAA – your body can’t make a complete protein. Without a complete protein,
    your body can’t use it. So your body then breaks down protein from muscles
    to supply the missing AA’s. This is called negative nitrogen balance and
    the incomplete protein is excreted in the urine. You’re losing protein. 2.
    During this process, you will lose muscle tissue. Along with losing muscle
    comes fluid loss. On the scale it will show up as weight lost but you are
    not aware its muscle and fluid instead of fat. Fat loss will only occur
    when you take in less calories. 3. To Helena on the juice diet, you may not
    have felt bad or noticed this was happening, but it was. Eventually you
    would have gotten sick and dehydrated and suffered a protein deficiency. 4.
    30 to 40 grams of protein might be ok for a smaller person, but not enough
    for a larger person. 5. Any diet that advocates eating just one food is a
    gimmick. After you buy the book or whatever else these people are selling,
    how long do you think you can eat 40 bananas a day. 6. Foods that have a
    small or trace amount of incomplete protein are not considered sources of
    protein in our diet. Fruit is not considered a source of protein for all
    the reasons I just mentioned. You can’t survive on fruit alone. 6.
    Nutrition is a complicated subject which requires education in
    biochemistry, physiology, and food chemistry, so don’t take any nutrition
    advice from anyone unless they are state Licensed Nutritionists. 7. Lastly,
    these ladies and gentleman ARE eating high protein foods along with their
    bananas. One of the ladies has another video where she is preparing sushi,
    fish, a food high in protein. So they are getting protein from other
    sources. 8. Lastly, there is no such thing as “cleansing the body.” Your
    intestinal tract, from mouth to anus, is just the way it needs to be. You
    don’t have to clean it out.

  184. Dick Gold says:

    Don’t bananas give you constipation?

  185. schancac says:

    Eating only bananas is absolutely stupid.

  186. Suat Sayan says:

    Hold up, let me get this straight…ONLY eat bananas all day everyday?

  187. viatility lol says:

    Too many bananas contain too much potassium. That can kill you.

  188. Ian Bamberger says:

    Bananas are high in sugar. I do not suggest this.

  189. GSPxRUSH says:

    I wonder how she did not die from potassium poisoning

  190. melorun says:

    Steve Jobs was a fruitarian. He died of pancreatic cancer at a very early
    age. In fact, when Ashton Kutcher was doing research for the role in the
    Jobs biopic, he tried the fruitarian diet and had to stop due to pancreatic

    TL;DR — This is a really stupid idea. Don’t do this.

  191. raza mohammad says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube:

  192. Henry McIvor says:

    I tried this for three days and shat the bed.

  193. FragranceOfChrist67 says:

    Maybe you had a potassium deficiency?

  194. Jerry Ladovsky says:

    I also know a bunch of monkeys that ate the same diet and climbed trees all
    day long.

  195. Alonso Blanco says:

    Hey can i take fish oil with vitamins ginko biloba turmeric spirulina?

  196. Mark Patjowls says:

    how many bananas a day?

  197. Frank McDonald says:

    Is there any truth that bananas give you headaches? I read this somewhere
    and thought ‘This sounds so stupid” What is your ontake with this?

  198. Nat3054 says:

    How many bananas a day?

  199. 1983Jacko says:

    Yes, do this if you want to get sick of bananas for life. Stupid detox

  200. CONNNE 1337 says:

    That she can do only for one day with mine banana

  201. JOSEPH says:

    Both challenges were too funny hahaha

  202. Delta Petra says:

    I’m doing this too. I’m almost on day 3.

  203. Branko Hundric says:

    Banana, volim banane, ali to nisam probao.

  204. Trytobehealthy says:

    Wooow, I am super shocked right now! I just went to check Slovenian (this
    is the country where I live) most famous web page with news and there I saw
    your picture. I checked the article and it said: She ate bananas for 12
    days and look what happened… And the article is actually positive, it
    only contains one part with some ‘specialist’ words that eating only one
    food for long time is not ok. And the article also contains this video. I
    am very happy that people in my country are slowly finding raw food diet :)

  205. PanoRama says:

    Зуб даю нового двойника точат.

  206. Sahara Samaynews says:
  207. Yanina Vanessa VAN DER LOGGHE says:


  208. Kevin Letterman says:

    Yeah, the sugars used in Coke don’t do when when they get heated, but you
    both know that now. hahahahahaha
    Great vid!

  209. Kendall Mckellum says:

    Some (most) people are idiots when it come to true nutrition, all I hear is
    everybody talkin about is that doesn’t have enough protein.. People protein
    is a myth, used buy the government to keep u hooked on eating more meat
    which puts more bucks in their pockets. If meat protein was a requirement
    then please tell me where all the natural grass feed cows, even the
    masculine horse gets ALL there muscle?? Bc all they eat is plant based
    foods (mostly grass). They are very strong, powerful animals that don’t eat
    meat.. Has anyone noticed that humans are the only mammal that depends on
    another mammal for milk?!! It’s things like this that people just don’t
    take the time to realize. The public is brainwashed and don’t realize it.

  210. Flavia Chavez Tafur says:

    /So cool! how many bananas a day did you eat?

  211. geronica says:

    +Rawsomehealthy have you gone to banana island while breastfeeding? Is it
    ok to do?

  212. Emma Amanda Milli says:

    Here they cost far too much

  213. EstebanG04 says:

    so do you just straight up eat bananas? or do you prepare them a certain

  214. akolley1 says:

    I have intersticial cystitis and sibo/fodmap IBS. This is soooo
    frustrating….on raw my bladder always hurts but digestion is so much
    better. Cooked starch solution bladder feels better and digestion is
    awful!!!! It is so upsetting.

  215. matt mazer says:

    i love her

  216. Lana says:

    This might not be the best way to go for a diet. Surprisingly, bananas
    contain radiation. It’s ok to eat a couple bananas, but if you eat large
    amount of quantities is very dangerous.

  217. Passed High School Physics says:

    Bananas are radioactive. Eating 50 bananas a day is enough to greatly
    increase her chances of getting throat, stomach, colon and other cancers
    from all the ionizing radiation she is eating.

    Not sure why she would eat so many bananas unless she’s trying to die
    prematurely from the cancer she will be getting.

  218. Shiva G says:

    A very very unnatural approach to food and eating. Just making shit up in
    the name of ….. I don’t know what. Way way too much fast-acting sugar for
    many people. I have been in to diet, health, and nutrition for almost 40
    years. Why not just eat a healthy, plant-based, organic diet? Of course
    when you “lost the desire” you body was trying to tell you something.

  219. Karen White says:
  220. Montgomery Word says:

    Did she sleep in a Banana Hammock?

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