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Back last week, I went on a banana island. It was a long, 24 hour flight there, with 2 changes on the way. Ok, I am just kidding. You actually do not need to fly anywhere to ‘do’ a banana … Continue reading

by Paul Tarbath Unfortunately, in today’s world it appears we all take a chance with our health to some degree when we consume conventional fruits and vegetables and even organic produce, which might not be as safe as many of … Continue reading

by Paul Tarbath With the recent and very much publicized study by scientists at the American Stanford University (1) saying that there isn’t much difference ‘health value wise’ choosing between organic and conventionally farmed produce, I thought it a pertinent … Continue reading

Durian is considered to be the King of Fruit and no wonder that people are ready to travel across the world to eat fresh raw durian. In this video, Dr Robert Lockhart, a fruitarian for nearly 30 years, a 68-year-old … Continue reading

If you are concerned about vitamin B12 on a raw vegan diet, then this short article and attached video interview with Don Bennett is definitely for you! We interviewed Don Bennett at the Woodstock Fruit Festival 2012. Don Bennett is … Continue reading