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How good can a raw food diet get? As good as you want it to be is the answer! I decided to make something special for Paul on his 40th birthday and created this delicious-mouth-watering-unbelievably-good raw banana pie. Would you … Continue reading

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What do you do when you travel abroad on a raw food diet. How do you shop for fresh produce when you get to a foreign country? This video features Paul and Yulia visiting an organic raw food shop in … Continue reading

Can you grow muscle and lift heavy weights on a high fruit raw vegan diet? Where does the protein come from on this diet? In this interview Mike Vlasaty, a raw vegan powerlifter, shows how he can lift 4 times … Continue reading

In this video, Yulia talks about how much fruit you need to be eating on a fruit-based raw vegan diet (80/10/10). She shows an example of one of hers and Paul's meals (mangoes and mangosteens) and makes recommendations.

by Paul Tarbath Have you ever thought about having a colonic, or know someone who has? Is it really necessary though and, even more importantly, safe? The idea of giving your colon a good clean out appeals to many people, … Continue reading

I am back from my 12-day banana island detox challenge and I feel amazing! A banana island or a mono fruit island is a detox challenge that has many benefits, so in this video I describe my banana journey, the … Continue reading