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This video goes through 5 weight loss fundamentals that can help you release extra weight and achieve a lean and fit body in a natural and safe way. It talks about a range of important factors that contribute to weight … Continue reading

Discover proper food combining when it comes to fats on a raw vegan diet. Food combining aids healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, detox, weight loss and disease prevention. Food combining also helps you to boost your energy levels and maintain a … Continue reading

Discover how to work out the amount of calories you need for weight loss and weight maintenance, based upon your desired weight and activity levels.

Learn about the mistakes Yulia made on the 801010 diet that made her gain weight and how you can avoid them.

Food combining is a very important aspect of health. Whether your goal is to improve digestion, gain energy, achieve weight loss, or feel great, food combining is something you need to be aware of. In this video Yulia goes through … Continue reading

Here is my personal weight loss story with before and after photos of my transformation together with what has been inspiring me on my raw food diet weight loss journey.

Dear rawsome friends, Just a quick note before we introduce our video to say that It has been 1 year since we launched our Rawsomehealthy venture and we have had a terrific year! We would like to express our gratitude … Continue reading

We have been receiving many requests asking us to reveal what we eat on a high-fruit, raw vegan diet as a couple. In this video we show you our weekly raw food stash and the sort of foods that we … Continue reading

Do you really have to consume X amount of calories in order to succeed on a high-carb and low-fat raw vegan diet? What do you need to do if your goal is weight loss? This video talks about the subject … Continue reading