Monthly Archives: November 2013

Many people simply don’t know when a banana is properly ripe and ready to eat and so they don’t get the full enjoyment from this wonderful fruit. In this video Paul explains a simple test that you can use for … Continue reading

When we did our recent survey many of you asked us to post more videos about what we eat on a raw vegan diet. This video shows a typical day of our high fruit, high carbohydrate, raw vegan diet in … Continue reading

During a recent raw food talk that we held, one of the concerns that people expressed was how can they ensure that they eat enough fruit and so get enough calories on a fruit based, high carbohydrate, raw vegan diet. … Continue reading

This video with Dr. Douglas Graham at the Slovenian Fruits & Health Festival, (a European raw food festival) who has been following a high fruit and low fat raw vegan diet for many years and who is the author of … Continue reading

Do you have a child or children who are facing health issues? Would you like to learn some of the reasons why your children can lack energy, suffer from skin problems, experience allergies, weight gain or weight lo In this … Continue reading

In a world that offers such a huge variety of unhealthy food choices, many health-conscious parents face a constant struggle to incorporate even just some healthful foods into their children’s diet.   With fast food outlets holding a large presence … Continue reading