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We love our diet and lifestyle, which allows us to be healthy, slim and able to maintain a high degree of vitality. Staying in the city of Cairns in Queensland, Australia, we are able to shop at the local farmers … Continue reading

Colonic detoxes and enemas, as well as coffee enemas are very popular in the alternative health movement, with many people believing that colonics can detoxify and heal their bodies. In this video you will find out why colonics and coffee … Continue reading

Mike Vlasaty is a fit raw vegan power lifter who has been following the 80/10/10, low fat raw vegan diet for a number of years. This means that less than 10% of his total daily calories comes from protein, yet … Continue reading

Many people think that digestion all takes place in the stomach, but it actually starts in your mouth with your teeth, tongue, and saliva. Smoothies and green smoothies are great for those who want to effectively incorporate more raw fruits … Continue reading

Living in the modern world puts a lot of pressure upon our bodies and, as a consequence, adrenal gland function can become negatively affected. In this video Yulia talks about how eating a raw food diet of plant foods can … Continue reading