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Hello again, Here is our new Q&A video where Yulia answers the following questions: * What is our choice of contraception and why we are not using contraceptive pills * Is calorie restriction dangerous? Do we actually promote calorie restriction? … Continue reading

Hello again, Currently, we are staying on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, which is located in the south of the country. Durian is in season, along with rambutan, mangosteen and jackfruit. Elanie has been exploring the sea as … Continue reading

by Paul Tarbath What did you eat when you were a kid? Did you grow up on a healthy diet, based on whole foods or perhaps it was one that contained a significant amount of processed foods? Personally, I can … Continue reading

The moment people switch to a raw vegan diet, they begin to get  concerned about getting enough nutrients, including omega 3. Yet, if the raw food vegan diet is followed correctly, omega 3 intake will not be an issue. In … Continue reading

In this Q&A video, I answer the following questions: * Do you need to eat more greens than fruit on a raw vegan diet? * Did I experience post-pregnancy depression and how did a raw vegan lifestyle help me * … Continue reading

In this interview with our friend Zalan who is a long term raw vegan we ask him a number of questions about his own vegan/raw vegan journey, including what steps people can take if they want to become raw vegan … Continue reading