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How would you like to try a very healthy raw vegan salad dressing that is salt and oil free? Made out of just 4 very simple ingredients, this raw food salad dressing reminds us of tomato ketchup and it has … Continue reading

Dairy products are thought of by many people to be an essential food for bone health. Yet many health experts disagree with this and consider dairy to be harmful and should be avoided at all costs. Human beings are the … Continue reading

Hello from Ubud! In this video we take you on a journey of fruitarian passion and demonstrate what we ate as a couple in a day on the 80/10/10, high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet. If you want to … Continue reading

I have been following a high-carb raw vegan, fruitarian diet for 5 years now and recently visited the dentist for a check up. Now, I have to admit that we did have dental problems on this lifestyle when we initially … Continue reading

Here are our answers to some of your questions in our latest video, including: * Can a raw food diet help overcome hypothyroidism and balance the thyroid * What are the best fruits to help with water retention and what … Continue reading