Monthly Archives: October 2014

We are really excited to see our new book, Thrive On Raw, being so popular already and flying off the shelves! If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to explore it for yourself, please check it out here. Now, let’s … Continue reading

Hello again rawsome people, Today, I am answering some of your questions regarding the raw food diet and how we will be educating Elanie. But first, a quick update on our book’s progress: we said that it would be ready … Continue reading

Hello again fruit bats, Our 7-day fruits n shoots challenge is over and wow – didn’t we enjoy it! I share our latest update on the challenge in this video. More news now. We have been super busy putting together … Continue reading

Hello again, Now, a fully raw vegan diet of fruits, greens and some nuts and seeds has many health benefits and has helped many people around the world to achieve weight loss, along with greater levels of vitality and overall … Continue reading

Bali in Indonesia and Thailand are favored destinations for many people due to their warm sunny climates, low cost of living and a large abundance of delicious tropical fruits, including durian, mango, mangosteen and rambutan. So what are these two … Continue reading

We live a pretty alternative life and many people ask us about our parenting style. We would call our approach to parenting as “raw”, or in-tune with our child’s needs, or, attachment parenting, which is another word that is used … Continue reading