Monthly Archives: March 2015

From time to time, we receive questions from ladies asking us why they do not menstruate on a raw food diet. What are the possible causes of this? Having actually lost my menstruation on the raw vegan plan myself, initially … Continue reading

It will be 6 years this summer since I went high-fruit raw vegan. One thing that I must say for sure: my body went through a lot of changes and I am excited to share with you my raw food … Continue reading

If you follow it properly, the high fruit, raw energy lifestyle is the healthiest and most sustainable way to achieve weight loss. Since some people are now doing the Raw Till 4 lifestyle, I also decided to include it and … Continue reading

When we first started doing the raw vegan lifestyle back in 2009, we thought that eating raw fruits and vegetables was basically enough in itself to be healthy and that we would not need to supplement our diets. This was … Continue reading