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One of the key success principles of the high-carb raw food diet is to plan your shopping and have enough fruit in your house. Before we carry on with the video, a quick announcement. The UK Fruit Festival is approaching … Continue reading

15 years ago, back in a hot and sunny Moscow in Russia, we got married. Neither Paul nor I were into alternative living back then, we were eating a standard diet, living a standard life and had standard values. However, … Continue reading

What do raw vegans eat in their typical day? People often get really curious about it. Now, first, let us say that there isn’t such a thing as a raw food diet. There are raw food diets. Some of them … Continue reading

There are 4 big issues with the raw till 4 diet. Although this diet will promise you weigh loss and health transformation, it’s important to be aware of the areas that we will cover in this blog post. Here is the … Continue reading

There are a lot of nutritional myths out there and one of them is metabolic damage. During my 6-year journey as a high-carb raw vegan and a health coach, I’ve assisted people who have actually gained weight on a low-fat … Continue reading