Monthly Archives: August 2015

Baba ghanoush, also known as baba ganoush is a delicious middle eastern dish prepared with aubergines and various seasonings. When I made this recipe for Paul, he went nutsssssssssss! He asked me to make it again and here I am … Continue reading

Why do some raw foodists go back to eating cooked foods whilst others stick to a raw vegan diet plan? We’ve certainly seen much change happening in the raw vegan movement over the last 6 years. So we decided to … Continue reading

Our 16-month old raw vegan baby Elanie absolutely loves fruit! So much so, that no one can believe just how much fruit a tiny little being can eat. Several bananas in a go, half a melon, a large handful of … Continue reading

How would you like to create a low-fat raw vegan lasagna that is not loaded with lots of fat, is gluten, animal product, salt free and tastes absolutely amazing Well, we’ve just the recipe for you! First, a special announcement: … Continue reading