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How can you make the ultimate and super healthy green smoothie? Fruit and green smoothies are a great and easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients and get your calories from. Here is my video about it: Instructions for … Continue reading

“Raw chocolate tastes like …love! It is “the food of the gods”! It is the ultimate superfood!” However, it is untrue. In fact, chocolate is unhealthy and toxic for your body You will hear that raw chocolate is packed full … Continue reading

When we were speaking at the Fresh Food Festival, we were super excited about all the new and tasty low-fat raw food recipes and dishes we were going to try there. Raw vegan mac and cheese recipe was one of … Continue reading

One question that I get asked often is: “What do I do to have such glowing skin and look much younger than I am?” My main secret is a fruit-based raw food plan. Fruits and greens are high in nutrients, … Continue reading