Monthly Archives: September 2016

What’s in our fridge and kitchen? Today we take you on a tour and show you our exotic fruit filled kitchen in tropical Thailand! For over 7 years now we have been eating a high fruit, mostly raw vegan diet … Continue reading

Kentuky Dried Cauliflower (aka KDC) ended up being so different and so good! We recently bought a dehydrator (yay!) and Kentuky Dried Cauliflower has been on my wish list for a long time! This dried cauliflower recipe is really easy … Continue reading

Weight lifting (if you do it right!) is a powerful way to build a beautiful body, shift excess body fat and  make you stronger. Over the last 12 months, I’ve been lifting weights consistently and today I’m sharing my transformation with … Continue reading

Losing weight with a raw food diet has many advantages and there are many reasons why — from scientific findings through to people’s personal raw food weight loss results. The great news about eating this way is that the foods … Continue reading

Should you eat nutritional yeast?  Can raw foods help you end Candida? Is the raw food diet a sustainable one? Can you drink alcohol on this lifestyle? These are some of the questions that we answered during our live Q&A … Continue reading