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From: Paul and Yulia Tarbath

We know changing your eating habits isn’t always easy. It can be a struggle to stay on track and keep committed to your goals, especially if you’re a busy person. And here’s the thing to remember: there’s no “one size fits all” raw food health system.

Your body and unique personal needs are different.

And that’s why we’re going to look at your menu plan and lifestyle and give you custom plan, FREE.

If you’re just starting out on this lifestyle, or are already living this way, but are experiencing challenges — we can provide you with the solutions you’re looking for.

Paul and Yulia Tarbath
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

Over the last 8 years on raw foods, and as certified nutrition and lifestyle coaches, we’ve helped busy professionals and other coaches, mums wanting to get into shape, people wanting to overcome their lingering health issues and drop extra pounds, those who are already healthy and fit, but want to be even healthier and fitter — the list goes on.

People we’ve worked with have experienced tremendously positive results and and we can help you too.

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“I was overweight my entire adult life and I lost over 45lbs thanks to the low-fat raw vegan lifestyle. My BMI went all the way from the “obese” range to the “healthy” range.What I love most about the way Yulia coached me is her balanced approach, both traditional and holistic. She asked me to do blood tests, discussed deficiencies and supplementation with me, and she is a grounded, practical person with solid nutritional knowledge.

I have seen significant changes, I eat better, exercise more, spend more time outside in the sun, drink more water, and my energy levels have gone up tremendously. Yulia also helped me to see the bigger picture and to aim for true, long-term health instead of just short-term weight loss.

I would recommend Yulia’s coaching to you if you want a coach who is both practical and open-minded, knowledgeable in the traditional sense and following a holistic approach, someone who is very thorough and serious, and who will help you to see the bigger picture in a supportive, positive and always encouraging way.”

– Rosine Rehnmark, Norway

“I am a personal trainer and I absolutely love my job. But unfortunately, after losing my dad and coming to emotional eating, I gained a lot of weight.I felt that I had to quit my job as a personal trainer and find less meaningful work elsewhere. After months of struggling with low self esteem, I found Rawsomehealthy.

Yulia motivated me to get on a raw food path and re-ignited my passion for health and nutrition. She gave me practical tips for everyday living, including simple recipes.

A year later, I lost 25 lbs, I’m back to doing personal training again, I’m slim, fit strong and happy. I can’t thank Paul and Yulia enough”

– Katie Gurden, Essex, UK

“Since starting this way of life, I have lost 42 pounds. No need for the 14 tablets I was on and my blood pressure is perfect.

When I started eating raw, I had 59 years of bad eating practices to change. Paul and Yulia explained everything to me so clearly that it made things much easier. Now everything has changed for me. What keeps me motivated is how I feel, I eat to keep all the ailments away, and it certainly works. I can honestly say I can now do everything I did when I was twenty!”

– Della Upsher, Spain

“I came to work with Yulia because I wanted to simplify my diet and learn about the fruit-based raw food lifestyle. I was pre-diabetic and I was also looking to release some of my unwanted weight.

I’ve already released 5 pounds and want to continue losing weight by following the lifestyle plan that we’ve created together with Yulia. My blood sugar is now stable and I can eat an abundance of fruit in my diet. My skin has changed as well and is now looking more glowing and healthy.

I’ve experienced a huge increase in energy, which gave me an opportunity to do the things I wanted to do in my own life. I’ve shifted my thinking around food and cleansed not only my body, but also my mind, which helped me focus more on my own personal goals.

I highly recommend doing the program – you’ll be provided with recipes, instructions, motivation and support to change your life for the better.”

– Susan Spangler, USA

“Since adopting a plant-based diet 4 years ago and a raw-food diet 2 years ago, my life has been greatly enhanced. As a longtime competitive distance runner, I have found it easier to gain fitness on less total training, along with a greater ability to maintain weight. And when it comes to the food, I have never enjoyed how I eat more!

I’ve seen many raw food programs in the past, I don’t think any are more comprehensive than Rawsomehealthy’s. Their video modules cover a wide range of topics and address all of the questions and concerns one may have when transitioning to a raw, fruit-based lifestyle. The principles within go beyond just nutrition as well. Paul and Yulia address the other factors of healthy living that can allow you to take your wellbeing to the next level!”

– John Slater, USA

“I found Yulia to be extremely knowledgeable, supportive, compassionate and motivating during my transition process. Yulia’s personal style made it easy for me to connect with her and I felt comfortable sharing issues that would come up for me. I was also very impressed by how organized and thorough Rawsomehealthy was in terms of the provided worksheets to help me stay on task with my individual plan and goals.

I highly recommend Yulia or Paul for anyone who is seeking personal coaching into a raw vegan diet and lifestyle. I have made transformations on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and am very satisfied with the results, knowledge and confidence I have gained during my coaching. Thanks so much!”

– Cynthia Zaragoza, California, USA

“Working with Rawsomehealthy was informative and inspiring! As a result of the coaching, I have become more mindful & deliberate about my food.I would highly recommend working with Yulia or Paul. You will feel your unique self being listened to and addressed at whatever stage you are at in growing a healthy lifestyle.

You will be challenged just enough that you can accomplish your goals and embrace positive change, and be inspired to really pay attention to what does & does not work for you so that you can make necessary adjustments and be more in tune with yourself and your body. Thank you, Rawsomehealthy! I look forward to working with you in the future again!”

– Alexis Lyon, USA

“After working with Yulia, my confidence has gone up in so many areas including my own food choices and what I’m feeding my family. Also in feeling confident enough in trying to be a healthy example for all people around me. I am learning to naturally correct a low thyroid with no medication which is a wonderful feeling.

For anyone looking to correct a health problem I would definitely recommend coaching as your goals will be easily and gently in reach without the use of any intrusive medications or techniques. If you are simply wanting to transition or are having trouble combining foods or lack any confidence, coaching will bring you to a whole new level of confidence and excitement about your lifestyle.”

– Rachel Garcia, California, USA

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