Low-Fat Raw Food Recipes


Smoothies, juices and raw breakfast recipes:

Banana-greens smoothieGreen banana smoothie


This is one of our favourites – simple to make, calorie-rich, abundant in minerals, and keeps you going for hours!

Green power juiceAlkalising green juice


Fresh raw juice made with cucumbers, celery, basil, parsley and lime juice. Alkalising and mineralising!

Merry berry smoothieMerry berry smoothie


This smoothie is wonderfuly yummy and has a very merry berry flavour!

MRed grape wineRed grape “wine”


This red grape wine tastes Divine! And, you can drink it in any quantities – it is healthy and alcohol free!

Banana-cherry smoothieEcstatic banana-cherry smoothie


Raw banana and cherry smoothie is a great and tasty combination!

Mango-apricot jamFresh mango with apricot jam


Deliciously sweet raw breakfast dish made with mangos, dried apricots, and celery.

Banana-fig porridgeSweet banana and fig porridge


Oh so yummy, oh so sweet, and oh so packed full of energy, this raw porridge is an excellent start to your day!

Raw main courses:

Nectarine Ecstasy SoupNectarine Ecstasy Soup


A delightful celebration of soft, sun-kissed peaches blended with succulent spinach and aromatic parsley.

Tomato soupRich Italian tomato soup (fat-free)


A truly raw tomato soup – simple to make, simple to digest, and delicious to taste!

Vegetable Rolls with Mango Chutney (low-fat)Vegetable Rolls with Mango Chutney (low-fat)


A unique recipe for raw vegetable rolls to inspire you and teach you the art of healthy and tasty raw cuisine.



Bell Peppers Stuffed with Tomato Salsa (fat free)Bell Peppers Stuffed with Tomato Salsa (fat free)


This dish is created out of succulent tomatoes mixed into a mouth-watering salsa, infused with fresh herbs, placed inside crunchy bell peppers and served with tender greens.



Totally Rawsome Orange TacosTotally Rawsome Orange Tacos


So delish! Raw tacos to enjoy, take to raw potlucks and share with friends! Fiesta time!

Cucumber pastaCucumber pasta with hearty papaya sauce (fat free)


This raw cucumber pasta with papaya sauce is both refreshing and nourishing! Yum!

Mamma mia spaghettiMamma Mia spaghetti with mango and tomato sauce (fat-free)


Totally healthy raw food spaghetti recipe with mango and tomato sauce! Ideal weight-loss recipe, you can have as many servings as you like without worrying about expanding your waistline – mamma mia!

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Sweet raw desserts:

Banana Pie With Date and Apple SauceBanana Pie With Date and Apple Sauce


How good can a raw food diet get? As good as you want it to be is the answer! Here is a delicious-mouth-watering-unbelievably-good raw banana pie. Would you like some as well?



Strawberry custardFresh strawberries with custard cream


Yes, yes, yes – fresh strawberries with sweet and rich custard cream. Irresistible delight!

Banana and raspberry ice creamBanana and raspberry ice cream


Home-made, lush, delicious, mouth-watering ice cream made out of bananas and raspberries.

Papaya-pineapple saladPapaya and pineapple salad


This raw fruit salad is made with succulent papaya and juicy pineapple and it is a beautiful dish to present at parties!