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Take a few moments to schedule your appointment with us where we will create a plan for you to balance your gut, restore your hormones and drop up to 20 lbs in 60 days. Once scheduled, you’ll see a thank you page with a few special BONUSES to help you accelerate your health journey. Note: we do not offer reschedules. Only book this call if you can fully commit to it.

Here’re Just Some Our Client Testimonies:

Lost 40 Lbs; Balanced Candida And Fatigue In 6 Weeks!

Before I found Yulia and Paul, I had severe Candida issues, along with debilitating fatigue and weight issues. I tried Keto diet, anti-Candida diet, various supplements and protocols – however, I still had persisting Candida and gut issues. I struggled to run my business, didn’t have much energy to exercise and was embarrassed to go to the gym due to my yeast overgrowth.

6 weeks after I implemented a lifestyle plan Yulia has created for me, I was completely symptoms free. In just 6 weeks, I balanced debilitating Candida overgrowth, lost the last stubborn 10 pounds of extra weight (and a total of 40 lbs of extra weight) and had all the energy I wanted to run my business, enjoy the time with my partner, exercise and live my life to the full. I’m over the moon about the changes I’ve experienced!

– Brittney Douglas, USA

Lost 42 Pounds And Came Off 14 Medications In 2 Months

“Since starting this way of life, I have lost 42 pounds. I came off 14 medications in just 2 months, balanced my blood sugar and my blood pressure is perfect.

Before I started this new lifestyle, I had 59 years of bad eating practices to change. Paul and Yulia explained everything to me so clearly that it made things much easier. Now everything has changed for me. What keeps me motivated is how I feel, I eat to keep all the ailments away, and it certainly works. I can honestly say I can now do everything I did when I was twenty!”

– Della Upsher, Spain

25 Pounds Weight Loss – Slim, Fit, Strong And Happy

“I am a personal trainer and I absolutely love my job. But unfortunately, after losing my dad and coming to emotional eating, I gained a lot of weight. I felt that I had to quit my job as a personal trainer and find less meaningful work elsewhere. After months of struggling with low self esteem, I found Yulia and Paul.

I lost 25 lbs, I’m back to doing personal training again, I’m slim, fit strong and happy. I can’t thank Paul and Yulia enough!”

– Katie Gurden, Essex, UK

Overcame GERD Gut Issues, Lost Weight, Came Off Medication

“I’ve been on medication for GERD (acid reflux) for 15 years before I started working with Yulia and Paul. I was overweight, with high cholesterol levels and on Statin, suffered from hypothyroidism, declining kidney function, high blood pressure, arthritis and skin issues.

Within just days of starting a new lifestyle, I stopped having GERD issues and was able to come off medication for it. My kidney function went back to normal, which it hadn’t been for a long time. I dropped excess weight, started to feel better, my arthritis was gone and my health issues were improving. My doctor said I should be able to start lowering my thyroid medication. I feel amazing! Thank you, Yulia and Paul!”

– Nancy Evans, USA

Balanced Hormones And Was Taken Off Medication In 2 Weeks

“I came to work with Paul because I had issues with weight management and elevated prolactin level.

Within 2 weeks of the diet and lifestyle plan that Paul has created for me, I have had the highest alkaline indicators I have ever had before.

My prolactin levels have stabilised and my doctor has taken me off medication which I was supposed to be taking for life. My hormones were healed naturally.

I felt increase in energy, mind clarity. I lost 3 kilos (6 1/2 pounds) in 4 weeks without restricting myself of any carbohydrates.

It was a pleasure to work with Paul – he is very attentive to detail and focused on achieving the goals as defined for in my coaching.

I am going to continue on the path of healthy eating and feeling very motivated by the results I witnessed and knowledge received during the coaching with Paul.”

– Anastasia Romashkina, Switzerland

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