“How to enjoy eating a raw food diet during the winter time with meal times that will both tantalize your taste buds and super charge your health”

Discover how to eat raw foods during the winter with this collection of delicious meals to give you an abundance of healthy nutrients to keep you vibrant and fit during the cold winter months.
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

From: Paul and Yulia Tarbath

Dear health-minded friend,

Yes, it is that season again when the raw food diet that you loved eating for so many months of the year suddenly becomes so much more difficult to do.

We are talking about those long cold winter days that crush your desire for raw and make you wonder how on earth you could ever eat raw foods when it is so cold outside and when there is much less abundance of fresh produce available to you.

Most people claim that winter time is the hardest time to be a raw foodist!

Freezing cold days, grey skies and little or no sun make life harder and staying on a raw food diet can seem close to impossible!

You want foods and dishes that uplift your mood and make you feel cozy and warm, rather than leave you feeling unsatisfied and craving for more.

Just some of the issues raw foodists can face during the winter include:

  • Lack of diversity when it comes to the produce they have available to them
  • Raw recipes that worked great during the warmer months, but now in the dead of winter just don’t cut it
  • Constant food cravings and binging on unhealthy foods
  • Raw recipes that use ingredients that are hard to or even impossible to get during the winter months
  • Raw meals that simply fail to satisfy them, which makes them feel unhappy and even question their eating of raw foods in general
  • Overconsumption of gourmet high-fat raw vegan recipes (recipes that are high in nuts, seeds, avocados, oils and olives) that lead to health disasters long-term, including weight gain, fatigue, cravings, poor concentration and blood sugar disorders (Candida, hypoglycemia, type 2 diabetes)

So what can help you stay raw and healthy during the winter months?

We know from personal experience from staying in both England and Russia, what it is like to be raw in the winter time. Neither of us like the cold weather with sunless days and the biting cold, along with a lack of available produce, which can quite literally make it seem like mission impossible when trying to stay raw.

Yet, if there was one thing that kept us going then that was our desire to stay healthy and full of energy and not succumb to all the usual coughing, sneezing and excess weight gain that so many friends and family members typically fall prey to during the winter months. In fact, we both experienced boundless energy during the colder months, thanks to staying raw!

What do you want to experience during the winter months?

Struggles with remaining raw? Falling off the raw vegan wagon and indulging in foods that steel your energy, lower your spirit, result in weight gain and make you fall ill? Or do the best you can to be your healthiest by empowering yourself with tools that can assist you in staying raw, whilst keeping your menu both diverse and truly health promoting?

Introducing ….

Lean And Healthy Raw Food Winter Recipes

Lean And Healthy Raw Food Winter Recipes

Here is what you will find in Lean And Healthy Raw Food Winter Recipes:

  • 30 low-fat raw vegan winter recipes that are very easy to put together with simple, seasonal produce that does not need to be cooked
  • Raw smoothies and green smoothies, soups, wraps, dips, salads and slaws, main courses and luscious desserts that are ideal for people following the 80/10/10 diet or a healthy raw diet
  • Super healthy, gourmet low-fat raw vegan recipes, including pizza, “cheesy” baguette, creamy spaghetti, festive cake and more
  • Recipes that completely avoid unhealthy and stimulating ingredients, such as oil, soy products, garlic, onion, salt, hot spice and vinegar
  • Dishes that you can make both fresh and with the use of a dehydrator (if desired)
  • Step-by-step instructions for each recipe
  • A colour photograph of each recipe, allowing you to see what each dish will look like before you start preparing it
  • Professionally designed layout that is pleasing to the eye

Let’s have a look at some of the recipes in the book that you will be enjoying:

Green cleanse smoothie Red delight drink Merry-berry smoothie
Funky salsa burritos Raw hummus Red coco dip
Noodle soup Pink beetroot soup Cream of kiwi soup
Savoury orange salad Celeriac slaw Winter extravaganza salad
Fat free pizza Raw Pad Thai “Cheesy” baguettes
Raw festive cake Pumpkin dream Layered banana strudel

What are the benefits of eating low-fat raw foods during the winter?

Keeps you healthy

Have you even wondered why people suffer from constant colds and flus during the winter? Well, it certainly is not because of bacteria. In fact, bacteria are always present both inside our bodies and all around us. By the time winter comes, people typically lead a much more sedentary life, consuming mostly cooked food, indulge in junk/toxic foods and as a consequence experience diminished health.

A low-fat raw vegan diet will help your body to maintain its health regardless of the time of year.

Boosts your energy

Everyone deserves to be experiencing healthy energy levels regardless what time of year it is, right? Yes, facing cold and dark winter days is draining in itself. So why would you want to lower your energy even further by eating unhealthy foods that overload your digestive system and make you feel sluggish and depressed?

Helps you detox and maintain your healthy weight

Winter is not the time to overload your body with toxins, gain weight and then spend the rest of the year trying to shift those extra pounds.

A raw food diet that contains healthy levels of fat and is well-combined helps your body to detoxify itself naturally, allowing you to maintain a clean body and a healthy weight.

Makes you feel good about yourself

How does it feel to be caring about yourself and lovingly supplying the best food to your body that you can eat, even during the winter time? And isn’t it simply amazing to be experiencing a high-vibe life when everyone around you looks so grim, unhealthy and are gaining excess weight?

Our collection of raw food winter recipes will certainly help you to not only feel great about yourself, but also look a “million dollars!”

Yes, our unique collection of delicious winter recipes is designed to keep you on a healthy and vibrant track!

The meals that you will find in the Lean And Healthy Raw Food Winter Recipes book are:

  • tasty, simple and low-fat raw vegan (ideal for people on the 80/10/10 diet)
  • quick to make and ideal for busy people
  • well combined and help to maintain healthy digestion
  • made with seasonal ingredients that are easy to find during the winter time
  • salt, vinegar, spice, soy, onion and garlic free
  • there to help you maintain the highest level of health and look slim and radiant regardless of the time of year!

Buy this recipe book and receive these special bonuses for FREE!

Bonus 1:

Quick tips to help you stay raw and healthy during the winter

Discover vital information that will help you succeed on a raw food diet during the winter months

Bonus 2:

Healthy alternatives to replace the unhealthy foods of the past

Craving your old favourite foods? Feeling bad after eating them, yet don’t know how to replace them with something similar tasting and healthy? This bonus chapter will help you to overcome this issue!

Bonus 3:

The raw winter shopping cheat sheet

Would you like to have an easy winter shopping list on hand so that you can get your shopping well organized and not miss buying anything? Then this bonus cheat sheet will assist you!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are completely confident that you will enjoy this collection of recipes. However, if you are not fully satisfied with this product, we are happy to offer you a refund.

Yes, there is absolutely nothing for you to lose!

Why not make every meal time a delight that will satisfy your desire for healthy and tasty foods?

You deserve to be eating those healthy foods that Mother Nature created to sustain you in radiant wellbeing.

The Raw Food Winter Recipe Collection will help you enjoy your winter time raw meals over and over again. Yes, you can get your hands on this unique collection of tasty raw vegan recipes right now!

Yours in rawsome radiance,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

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P.S. Through Lean And Healthy Raw Foods Recipes, we wanted to address your concerns about staying raw during the winter time and keeping your menu plan not just tasty and health-promoting, but also relevant in terms of winter time produce availability. So here is your chance to eat healthy raw foods during the cold times of the year!