“Finally Balance Your Weight, End Your Battle With Candida, Restore Your Hormones, And Start Thriving Eating Delicious Foods!”

Raw Food Diet

From Yulia Tarbath, Certified Nutrition And Health Coach

Yulia Tarbath, Certified Nutrition And Health Coach
  • You’re at your ideal weight. You feel amazing and can fit into your favourite tight jeans you thought you’d never wear again.
  • Instead of constantly restricting your calories and feeling deprived of fruit, you maintain your slim figure with ease without any calorie restriction. You eat huge volumes of food and are satiated by what you eat.
  • Your skin glows. It’s clear and silky and people ask you what you do to have such amazing skin.
  • Your Candida and hormones are balanced. No longer do you experience embarrassing digestive problems or suffer from constant ups and downs during the day.
  • You have plenty of energy during the day to do everything you want and need – exercise, work, be present for your family and friends. No longer do you rely on coffee or stimulants to get you through the day. You feel naturally on a high without them!
  • You look younger and people constantly comment on it. You feel happy and positive about life.

All of the Above Can Become Your Reality If You Choose To Follow The Right Lifestyle!

The above is my reality now.I’ve been at my healthy weight for many years now with ZERO deprivation, eating all the fruit sugar I care for. My skin glows and I constantly get asked what I do to have such smooth and clear skin (and I don’t even use anything special for it!)

No longer do I have debilitating chronic fatigue, Candida, weak digestion and hormonal imbalances. I’ve liberated myself from the need to follow crazy and restrictive diets, like the “anti-Candida” diet.

I balanced my fertility issues, gave birth to our daughter naturally and raising our healthy child, who is still breastfed. My milk supply is abundant.

My fitness level is high – I’ve run a marathon, completed a triathlon and enjoy lifting heavy weights.

I Know How It Feels To Carry The Burden Of A Heavy Body, Struggle With Cravings, Binges, And Hormonal Ups And Downs

And there is a secret sauce recipe that can help you balance your health, weight and life!

All you need to do is give your body the tools it needs and it will help you create the health and body of your dreams.

You see, most “cure” solutions you’ll find out there don’t actually get to the root of your problems. This is why they don’t work long term.

So if you’ve tried seemingly every single diet, supplement, detox kit, tincture and therapy under the sun, but still haven’t found the solution …

… then it’s time to put a fruit-based, plant-powered lifestyle into practice.

This way of eating can turn your life around, give you a brand new and fresh direction, heal “incurable” conditions, make you light and connected again, and help you look and feel amazing!

I Know How It Feels To Carry The Burden Of A Heavy Body, Struggle With Cravings, Binges, And Hormonal Ups And Downs

There are a lot of pitfalls and mistakes that can be, and are made by people wanting to eat raw and vegan foods.

In fact, without doing the raw food diet the right way, it’s likely that you will experience cravings, health problems and even serious deficiencies.

So it’s absolutely vital for you to know what they are and learn to avoid them.

As certified Holistic Nutritionists and Lifestyle Coaches, as well as raw fooders since the year of 2009, my husband Paul and I would love to help you thrive on raw or mostly raw foods.

We want to take the struggle and confusion out of healthy eating and lay out a simple, step-by-step strategy that you can put into action quickly and easily.

Once you’ve put a healthy and balanced raw or high rawfood lifestyle into practice, improvements to your health can be seen within a short space of time.

Are you ready to experience them?

“Yulia and Paul Tarbath’s system helped me make dietary and lifestyle changes that healed myself of Lyme disease, balanced my weight, and helped me regain energy and hope for the first time in many years.Their course provided even more details of what I needed to do to succeed, everything from recipes to detailed lists of what to eat. Without these resources, it would have taken me much longer to figure out how to eat a health-promoting raw diet.

I can’t say enough about their resources. I am truly grateful and inspired by them!”

– Elisabeth Dunham, Portland, USA
If you’re ready to make a permanent, lasting and positive change to your health, weight and life, we’re excited to introduce you to …

Thrive On Raw

An Easy and Practical Guide To Starting & Succeeding On A Raw Or High Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Thrive On Raw

You will discover:

  • How to balance your carbohydrates, proteins, fats for maximum health and weight loss results
  • How to transition to a raw or mostly raw vegan diet in five easy steps
  • An easy way to create your own raw or high raw menu that will keep you satiated all day long
  • Food combining and how to plan your meals for optimum digestion, clear skin, and high energy levels
  • Healthy raw foods to include and unhealthy raw foods to exclude
  • How to overcome your embarrassing cravings with 5 dietary tweaks
  • What kitchen equipment you need to make healthy and delicious raw vegan meals
  • How to shop to save your time and money
  • What we personally eat in a typical day to stay lean year in and year out
  • How to get faster results on a raw food diet and what not to do on this lifestyle
  • How to avoid most common deficiencies that so many raw vegan and vegans bump into
  • Other equally important aspects of health that you can never ignore
  • And so much more!

What’s included:

Thrive On Raw – Ebook

Thrive On Raw: Easy And Practical Guide To Starting And Succeeding On A Raw or High Raw Vegan Lifestyle (instant download ebook)

In this best-selling ebook you’ll discover:

  • Top strategies for planning your raw or high raw food meals and balancing your ratios.
  • The best foods to eat for maximum weight loss, health and vitality.
  • An easy way to structure your plant-powered breakfast, lunch and dinner (no more sour or bloated belly!).
  • Exactly what to do to avoid cravings.
  • Food replacement guide to help you overcome guilt and cravings for old unhealthy food.
  • And much more!
Value: $25
Thrive On Raw – Meal Plan

7 Day Fully Raw Diet Plan With A Shopping List

Not sure what to eat on a raw food diet? Well, we’ve got a great menu plan to help you …

You’ll discover:

  • 7-day fully raw breakfast, lunch and dinner plan crafted by Holistic Nutritionists.
  • Craving busting and Candida balancing smoothies, green smoothies, salads and raw main courses you’ll love eating all day long.
  • Calculated calorie counts for each day along with the carbohydrate, protein, and fat ratio to save your precious time.
  • Oil, soy, salt, gluten and processed sugar-free recipes that are easily adjustable for people with nut/seed allergies.
  • 7-day shopping list – just print it out and take it with you when you go shopping – so easy!
Value: $20
7-Day HIGH Raw Meal Plan With A Shopping List

7-Day HIGH Raw Meal Plan With A Shopping List

Not ready for an all raw plan? We’ve got you covered!

In this HIGH raw meal plan you’ll discover:

  • 7 day HIGH raw meal plan that includes a raw breakfast and lunch, a salad and a simple and delicious cooked vegan dinner.
  • Fruit meals, smoothies, green smoothies, salad and vegan dinners, including quinoa risotto, mushroom stroganoff and sweet potato curry (yum!).
  • How to take the worry of “what to eat on a high raw diet” off your shoulders.
  • Oil, soy, salt, gluten and processed sugar-free recipes that are easily adjustable for people with nut/seed allergies.
  • 7-day high raw shopping list – just print it out and take it with you when you go shopping – no hassle, no stress!
Value: $20
Two Minute Salad Dressings Ebook

Special Bonus: Two Minute Salad Dressings Ebook

What you’ll get:

  • Oil, salt and gluten free raw vegan salad dressings that are ready in 2 minutes or less to help you overcome those savoury cravings.
  • Low fat dressings that will not make you pile on extra pounds.
  • Simple ingredients and step-by-step instructions.
  • Easy alternatives for people with nut and seed allergies.
Value: $15

Get Thrive On Raw: Just $37!

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“What an awesome cleanse! If you want to eat super healthy for an entire week without having to think about it (or plan it), this program has it all.The meals are delicious and simple to make, everything is laid out for you (all you need to do is make it and eat it), and you’ll get sparkling results. Nothing will make you feel and look as good as loading up on fruits and vegetables.”

– Natasha St. Michael, Bali
“Thrive On Raw provides information on switching to a raw food diet in a succinct and very organized way. It’s a great recourse for those who are new and are considering switching to a raw vegan lifestyle.We couldn’t agree more on the power of greens in creating thriving health and not just surviving.

Great advice on different ways to increase intake of greens – making smoothies and green soups, salads with dressings, adding green powder are all very important ways that we personally found helpful on our journey as well.

Another point that we found valuable is the importance of supplementation with Vitamin D and B12, which does gets overlooked by those in the healthy diet lifestyle.

Thank you to Paul and Yulia for coming up with this simple and straight-to-the point guide on living a good raw lifestyle.”

– Dennis and Yulia Bortko, USA
“Thrive on Raw” is an excellent resource. Paul and Yulia themselves are a great examples of thriving long term raw foodists – they radiate health, wellness, love and this is exactly what they have filled this book with.This book is inspiring and easy to read and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in thriving on a fruit based diet.”

– Donna Wild, Australia, Vegan Coach

About us:

Paul and Yulia Tarbath
In 2006, we both developed a passion for natural health and dedicated ourselves to expanding our knowledge in the fields of health and nutrition. We both became Certified Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioners.We educate and coach women and men all over the world about raw food nutrition. We believe a raw or high raw vegan lifestyle is essential to achieve optimum health. We have both written books and developed many educational resources on natural health, delivered international talks, coached people around the world, appeared in media (national newspapers, like UK’s Daily Mail and The Mirror, magazines, radio, health shows) and we run a popular blog and YouTube channel at www.rawsomehealthy.com.

We’ve made Thrive On Raw super easy with an abundance of helpful resources, easy to print meal plans, simple shopping lists, and delicious, non-depriving meals.

If you’re sitting on the fence and worried that you won’t be able to stick it out very long on this plan, then rest assured because we’ve created this program with the everyday struggles in mind that most people face when trying to eat healthily. We invite you to join our course!

More testimonies:

“Great book for anyone who would like an easy and simple guide on the amazing benefits of a low fat vegan diet. Not only will it help you understand the basic principles of a balanced diet, of food combining and what you should and should not eat; It will most important of all give you tips on how to successfully transition to a fruit-based raw vegan lifestyle, which is often the hardest part of all!A book like this would have been of great help for me when I started learning more on the raw food diet, especially the part on supplementation which is often overlooked by many. I recommend it to other people!”

– Vittoria Bortolazzo, Italy
“This book contains so much unique and valuable advice on how to start and stay on a raw food lifestyle. It also helps you to understand how the human body works on a raw food diet and how to succeed as a raw foodist. It is possible to be unhealthy even on a raw food diet if you are doing it incorrectly and indeed not every single raw vegan diet is healthful. This book explains how to be 100% healthy and thrive on raw.I have read many books about the raw vegan lifestyle and I can tell that not every book can help as much as “Thrive On Raw” can. So if somebody asks me what book they should read about the raw vegan diet, I would certainly recommend this book as the one to read.

On top of this, Yulia and Paul are really good examples for how to thrive on a raw lifestyle. And everybody can do this too!”

– Valentina Borisenko, Russia

We believe in this plan so much that we are offering a full money back guarantee. We know that if you follow our course and put it into practice, you’ll see positive health changes.

If you are not happy with the results you get after testing this course, we are happy to offer you your money back.

To get your money back you’ll need to show us that you’ve followed this course, completed the exercise sheet, and created your own raw or high raw menu plan.

If, after all that, it still didn’t work for you, then we will gladly give you a full refund!

This course is a perfect fit for those who want to put a simple, high-carbohydrate, fully raw or high raw vegan plan into practice. If that’s you then we would love to have you join us!

Ready To Say Hello To A Naturally Beautiful, Healthy And Glowing Body?

You absolutely can succeed with eating healthy raw foods to lose weight, create glowing skin and high energy levels if you follow the right system.

This is the moment when you can say YES and make the changes that are going to result in you being the most beautiful, healthy, and BEST version of yourself.

All it takes is getting the right tools and joining Thrive On Raw.

With our money back guarantee, you’ll feel confident and secure when trying out Thrive On Raw.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Yours in rawsome health,
Yulia Tarbath

Thrive On Raw
(instant, digital download, no shipping)

What’s included:

  • Thrive On Raw (ebook) – valued at $25
  • 7-Day All Raw Menu Plan And A Printable Shopping List – valued at $20
  • 7-Day HIGH Raw Menu Plan And A Printable Shopping List – valued at $20
  • 2 Minute Salad Dressings (ebook) – valued at $15

Value: $80
Special offer:$37

P.S. Thrive On Raw has been created to empower you to go raw or plant-based and succeed on this lifestyle. You will discover the ins and outs of the raw vegan lifestyle and how to put it into practice for yourself starting … today!