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If you are a vegan or a raw vegan – it is more than likely that you will have heard who Harley Johnstone, aka Durianrider, is. Today, we are going to interview him. We first met vegan athlete Harley and … Continue reading

Some ladies struggle to stay on a raw food diet and keep healthy, both before and during their menstruation as they get overtaken by their emotions. Learn top tips on how you can stay raw vegan during "that time of … Continue reading

Learn about the importance of greens during your transitioning to a high carbohydrate, fruit based, raw vegan diet and how it helps your detox, weight loss and health restoration.

by Paul Tarbath Many people do not seem to worry or care about the potential for their bodies to be deficient in some vital nutrient, until the moment that is when they switch to a raw vegan diet. The moment … Continue reading

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Skin is the largest organ of your body that reflects the state of your internal health. Acne, dry skin, pore body odour are all associated with toxic and unhealthy diets and lifestyles. Find out what happened to my skin after … Continue reading

More and more people are discovering veganism and raw veganism for themselves. Indeed, a raw vegan diet provides the most powerful detox, weight loss and disease restoration opportunities for as long as it is the right raw vegan diet. This … Continue reading

Having lived in Thailand on and off for just under two years on a raw vegan diet, we share how much it costs to be a raw foodist here in Thailand. We visit a fresh produce market and a supermarket … Continue reading

A low fat, raw vegan diet based upon raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is a beauty diet. This type of diet allows your body to detoxify, your cells to rejuvenate and your skin to renew. In this video Yulia … Continue reading