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Before we began our raw vegan diet we would often take probiotics to supposedly help our friendly gut flora (bacteria). Yulia was taking probiotics as part of her anti-Candida diet, yet neither the anti-Candida nor the probiotics actually helped her … Continue reading

What are the kinds of foods that you can use as reliable staples on a fruit based raw vegan diet and so make sure that your body gets all the calories and nutrients that it need For example, if you … Continue reading

It goes without saying that sugar has had a bad press and in fact still does. For many people this negative view of sugar also includes the sugars in whole fruits, but the question is: is this general assumption correct … Continue reading

Most of you will already know about the 80/10/10 diet  by Dr. Douglas Graham (high-carb, high-fruit and low-fat raw vegan diet), but have you come across the 90/5/5 diet before Ok, so let’s firstly set out the basics for those … Continue reading