Monthly Archives: March 2016

As raw vegan parents, we often get questions about us bringing up our child on a raw vegan diet. “Aren’t you taking choice from your daughter?”, “Where does Elanie get her protein from?” – these are just some of the comments … Continue reading

I started my raw food diet journey back in 2009, together with Paul. It has benefited my body tremendously and I healed a lot of health issues I couldn’t heal on other diets. Cooked food was not something I had … Continue reading

Many people claim that coconut oil is healthy for you or even a so called ‘super food’. However, did  you know that it has health risks associated with it? This week’s video talks about it in detail: There is a … Continue reading

Banana diet plan, or a banana island, as it is also known, is an easy and sweet way to achieve detox, weight loss, boost your health and , help you enjoy simplicity and aids your body’s healing. I’ve done several banana diets … Continue reading

Recently, we came across a story of a raw vegan child who was takes to hospital with severe B12 deficiency. Having sufficient levels of this vitamin in your body is vital for not only your own health but that of … Continue reading