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This raw food diet Tabbouleh dish is very easy to make, it is gluten and oil free and is ideal for those who enjoy making raw recipes from around the world. Within just a moment of trying it, Paul ate … Continue reading

The mainstream media like to remind us that eating all that sugar will lead to weight gain and if you need to achieve weight loss you need to minimize your consumption of carbohydrates (including fruits). Well, many people on a … Continue reading

A few days before Elanie’s 7th month, she was introduced to solids. Or rather, she decided to introduce herself to solids and we followed her lead. Instead of giving her mushy foods and feeding her with a spoon, we decided … Continue reading

When you’re traveling and hunger strikes, it’s all too easy to grab the high-sugar, high-fat and junk foods that are all to readily available. Eating healthy raw foods on the go is not difficult and makes you feel your best. … Continue reading

Here is an inspirational story of a young girl called Maya who went through a raw food transformation and healed her skin condition (with before and after photos). Maya went through a lot of discomfort with regards to her skin … Continue reading

Do you want to discover how to stop cravings on a raw food diet? Do you find them annoying?  Well, take heart – you are not the only one and this article can help you! Cravings are one of the … Continue reading

Hello fruit lovers, What can you do to achieve faster weight loss results on a raw food diet? Although the high-carb raw food diet itself is the perfect weight loss diet due to it being high in water, fiber and … Continue reading

Hello fruities, First, thanks to everyone who has supported us and bought our new book, Thrive On Raw. If you haven’t as yet explored it for yourself, please see this link: Now, we gone bananas over 5 years now … Continue reading