Raw Food Skin Before And After Transformation (With Photos)

Here is an inspirational story of a young girl called Maya who went through a raw food skin transformation and healed her skin condition (with before and after photos).

Maya went through a lot of discomfort with regards to her skin problems and suffered from eczema.

Eczema is a skin condition that is characterized by itchy and inflamed patches on the skin.

The cause of eczema is not fully understood by mainstream medicine. However hearing this raw food before and after story, along with other stories that we came across makes it very clear to us that the diet that people eat is the number one factor that affects the health of the skin.

As well as suffering from eczema, Maya also suffered from low energy levels. leaky gut syndrome, Candida and allergies.

After her parents discovered the high-carb, fruit-based raw vegan diet and switched to it, Maya’s skin and her other health conditions started to heal.

She was able to re-gain her confidence, her energy increased and she fell in love with the fruit-based raw food diet.

This video talks about Maya’s before and after skin transformation on a raw food diet, the weight loss that her parents experienced and what the whole family thinks of this new diet and lifestyle.

Thanks for watching!

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11 thoughts on “Raw Food Skin Before And After Transformation (With Photos)

  •   raw food slamming  |   

    Ok……great news……..3 months before seeing real results! Now I have
    some hope for myself because so many people are saying they were cured
    after a few days which, most likely, is complete BS

  •   Marina  |   

    Maja you are beautiful! Keep shining!

  •   Mae Lin  |   

    lovely video of a lovely family:) thanks for sharing!

  •   Blairtje13  |   

    Love this story. Maya seems like a smart, sweet little girl. The little one
    was disruptive though. No fault of the child, but she should not have been
    in the video.

  •   samantha hemingway  |   

    Praise God for her healing and for living foods! God bless you Maya. You
    have been healed, enjoy life!

  •   Iomlan Bodies  |   

    My son struggles terribly with eczema in the winter. I hope he would love
    to try more fruits and veggies too!;)

  •   Natalie Lane  |   

    My daughter has suffered with extreme eczema all her life (she’s 6 now).
    We’ve tried everything and I’m so afraid of the long term effects of the
    steroid creams that only help temporarily. I’m so glad I’ve found your
    YouTube channel. I hope to gain a great amount of knowledge so that I can
    place our family on a raw vegan diet. Anything to stop her suffering. So
    glad your daughter is getting well 🙂

  •   Yuri Tapia Floriano  |   

    I’m 18 and I have the same problem as the girl. even with the remedies and
    creams there are times that the skin gets too bad, I’ll try a vegetarian
    diet to see if it helps

  •   Masoud Ekhterai  |   

    hi drinking KOmbucha drink does fit in a 100% raw food diet ? thanks

  •   Catt M  |   

    My poor brother has struggled from this skin rash since birth. I’m
    currently in transition as a vega. I pray through my example, my family
    will convert.

  •   Anna W  |   


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