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Malaysian durian is one of the best durians that you can find in the world. Durian fruit is considered to be the King of Fruits. It is spiky, smelly and tastes Divine! If you live outside the tropics and have … Continue reading

Today is day 14 of the 14-day high-carb raw food diet challenge. That means that you did it! Well done and I hope that this challenge has helped you to taste more raw foods and assist your body in detox, … Continue reading

Put very simply, there are two options that are open to us: to choose health destroying ways of eating and living or to choose health creating ones. For many years you may have been eating all sorts of dietary fare … Continue reading

Addiction to old and unhealthy foods is a real issue for a lot of people. So many of them dream about overcoming their food addictions for health reasons, including weight loss, however very often they don’t have the right tools … Continue reading

Chopping your greens and pouring a simple, low-fat raw food salad dressing over it all – oh it tastes so good! Before we share the salad dressings, a quick reminder: The Flat Belly And Glowing Body 14-Day Raw Vegan Challenge … Continue reading

Happy New Year everyone! As part of their New Year’s resolutions, many people will aim to adopt a healthy diet to detox, achieve weight loss and boost their energy levels. Fruit and green juices are considered to be health promoting … Continue reading