9 Month Old Baby Eats Malaysian Durian For The First Time

Malaysian durian is one of the best durians that you can find in the world. Durian fruit is considered to be the King of Fruits. It is spiky, smelly and tastes Divine!

If you live outside the tropics and have bought a frozen durian, you would have probably tried a Thai variety called Monthong. However, there are so many more varieties.

We highly recommend tasting raw food Malaysian durian during the season. Red Prawn, Musan King, D24, Hor Lor – these are just some of many durian varieties that you will find in Malaysia.

When we passed through Malaysia this time, we had a little passenger with us and we were looking forward to feeding Elanie with some fresh Malaysian durian. The question was, would she  like her raw food durian?

Well, she loved it … and she loved making a mess with it as well.

If you’ve tried durian before, you will probably know that it can make you feel happy and giggly.

Well, that night Elanie couldn’t stop laughing and she laughed the longest and loudest laughter she ever has.


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9,128 thoughts on “9 Month Old Baby Eats Malaysian Durian For The First Time

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  •   pokemon Tv  |   

    Zu viel schminke schlecht gestochen

  •   Adam Zarfoss  |   

    First an bitch

  •   TheUndercoverDj// Flarius  |   

    5:30 My Special Appearance…

  •   Victoria Andrade Pereira  |   

    Trop cool !!
    Il a le même téléphone que moi *jeracontemavie*

  •   Browndemon92  |   

    Beautiful artwork and nice song, well done Riot! ^^

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    Bitte keine Cliffhanger mehr, wie der Sprung

  •   MrsJayzee33  |   

    Hi – I love your style of doing the haircut by having us be able to “see”
    our reflection. (Helps that it’s the same hair colour as me too). Thanks

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    this is like the ship!

  •   AllMusicVibe  |   

    New upload: The Magician – Sunlight ft. Years and Years (Elephante Remix)

  •   Leanne Leicester  |   

    I have never tried Durian or even heard of it until watching vegan videos.
    But I’m sure it is delicious

  •   Shelly T  |   

    What an adorable baby! I couldn’t get passed the smell of durian so Ive
    never tried it. But after watching this video and seeing the baby eating
    it, maybe I will.

  •   imapineapple15  |   

    She looks pleasantly surprised!

  •   Fran Fran  |   

    Yes malaysia durian is the best 😉

  •   naturallifestyleshow  |   

    How precious! She certainly did like it. 🙂

  •   RawFruitBasedLiving  |   

    Aw, she sure seemed happy 😉

  •   Vegan Nurse Practitioner  |   

    So cool, what a lucky kid! I’ve never tasted Durian, maybe someday I will!

  •   LoveIsSoulFood  |   

    She’s so beautiful

  •   Sweet Natural Living  |   

    Great to see that she liked it! Naturally she would! Perfect baby food!

    I love malaysian durian, but honestly I also love thai durian, the fact
    that it’s picked just a little bit early, like a few days, gives it a
    consistancy I love that I missed when I was in Malaysia. I like a little
    bit of both I suppose!

  •   Tallie Allen  |   

    So sweet 🙂
    I love your fruity baby 🙂
    My 2 1/2 yo is currently a fruity toddler!

  •   Claire Tan  |   

    Omg! Are you currently in Malaysia? I live near SS2 🙂

  •   Treestandsafety  |   

    My God..she looks like one strong baby!

  •   Sedna  |   

    Totally adorable, looks so much like daddy!!!

  •   Olivia McDonald  |   

    So adorable! And what a beautiful little baby ❤️

  •   Carolina Alii  |   

    I’m vegan, but my little baby sister isn’t 🙁 My parents aren’t vegan, so
    they feed the poor baby animal products:( She loves fruits and veggies
    though. Her favorite are dates, persimmons, and melons. She hasn’t had a
    coconut yet, but I bet she’ll love it:) Sadly she isn’t breastfed either,
    because my mom is unhealthy and has to take medicine. So she can’t
    breastfeed 🙁

  •   aRawLifestyle  |   

    She’s soo cute

  •   FruitMonster  |   

    Her little face is so cute! She loves durian 🙂 🙂

  •   Elisabeth Dunham  |   

    She is so cute! My daughter and I bought the frozen durian at Asian market,
    took one bite and had to get it out of the house the next day because it
    stunk so much. Is it BETTER when it is not frozen (’cause that was
    unbearable)? Excited to try it again but probably not frozen.

  •   Victoria Smith  |   

    So cute!

  •   Faimorino  |   

    Nice richtig cool ;D

  •   Jan Kuhnert  |   

    Fantastic video, beautiful little girl, thanks so much for sharing.

  •   Cimin Boenkendorf  |   

    Hahaha… I think she loves the texture… 😀

  •   FakuuYoung27  |   

    Hola Gheva , me gusto tu canal , sub nuevo 😀 , Mi reto es que ganes una
    partida solo con arco , sin Espada ni nada de eso xD , ah y tenes skype? ,
    Saludos 😀

  •   Gamers VS Gaming  |   

    Subscribed 🙂

  •   Michelle Archbell  |   

    Have never eaten Durian before 🙂

  •   Julie Crow  |   

    Such a little cutie! You are all awesome 🙂

  •   Amanda Stokes  |   

    No I have not had a durian ! I’d like to

  •   MixtapeMusicMob  |   
  •   007tubeless  |   

    You guys are living in Malaysia for good? A lot of fruits tropical there.

  •   GregoryMl7  |   

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    seemed your up beat self with the book and stuff until you were hit with
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    your life right now such as David, Megan and Mr. Wolf who loves you
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    you are up,or down that is what true friends are all about so don’t feel
    bad or guilty about that my friend. I hope this helps you in some way.
    Looking forward to hearing from you when you are ready.

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    Should add me. GT: Skillzify

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    Yo participo soy dylangonzalez20361

  •   Health glows  |   

    She is super cute! Yulia we don’t see u here, but I have to compliment Paul
    – you look awesome! And, now, Elanie – you smart girl – cannot wait to meet
    you and share some durian with you! As for the question, I spend 10 days in
    Serian on Borneo last month and volunteered on a durian farm – yes,
    Malaysian durians are the best!

  •   Desiree Hurtado  |   

    YAY!!! How cute!!!

  •   Whimsicott Puffball  |   

    She likes it, of course :9 Durian is really tasty.

  •   Rilla  |   

    Immediately went to emusic.com to look them up and downloading! Thanks for
    introducing us to artists…

  •   lena c  |   


  •   Theprimescollective  |   

    I feel like this was Rob’s cry for help…

  •   Mario Kart Racer  |   

    did the lamp really break

  •   christopher kind  |   

    Ma,m I’m afraid I’m doing

  •   Tiasha  |   

    She is so cute!!! 🙂 ♥

  •   Haley Melvin  |   
  •   aRawLifestyle  |   

    we just tried for the first time…baby LOVED it!

  •   Jah Davis  |   

    As a dark woman I do see how im treated as a second class citizens to some
    of the trashiest light skin women on the planet tho I wont say I haven’t
    seen some crazy situations with light chics but mostly I saw them beat up
    because boys always wanted the “redbone”.I am very pretty but comments I
    hear black men say lead me to believe that most or alot of them want
    anything but a dark woman.

  •   Kristina Aizenberg  |   

    Love your videos!!! Thank you for sharing.

  •   Kwantonium  |   

    I still prefer a giant, pungent, yellow monster of a Chanee from thailand!
    Not tree ripened, even! Ahhhhh


  •   Haikal Nasir  |   

    you said ‘…Red Prawn is missing’. It’s actually not missing. It’s there;
    Udang Merah is Red Prawn in Malay. 🙂

  •   Shin Yi Koh  |   

    Red Prawn is Udang Merah 🙂

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