Eating Raw Food Diet Or Plant Based Diet, But Still Feeling Bad?

If you’re eating a raw food diet or a plant based diet, however you are still not experiencing results with your health, then this blog is for you.

Over the last 6 years of us working with hundreds of clients, we generally find there are two realities that people experience:

  1. They switch to a raw foods or plant-based plan and they thrive. They lose weight fast, they balance their health issues which other approaches have failed to help them with, and they feel on top of the world.
  2. They adopt a new plan, it brings some noticeable changes and benefits, but they still have lingering health issues. Perhaps their autoimmune issues don’t balance fully, they still have Candida, experience fatigue and other symptoms.

For example, in this video, I talk about how I still had issues with Hashimoto’s thyroditis even after 4 years on a fully raw, vegan diet and how I needed to dig deeper and do more work on my body before I was able to reverse it naturally.

Indeed, a plant based diet that’s rich in whole, raw foods provides incredible benefits for your body and health.

Studies show lots of evidence for the protective and healing ability of this diet, which include:

  • Lowers risk of cancer. A study found that raw food vegans had lower IGF-1 hormone levels in their bodies and so a lower risk of contracting various types of cancer. (1)
  • Better antioxidant status. A study found that a raw food, vegan diet provides significantly more dietary antioxidants than a cooked, omnivorous diet, and that long-term followers of this diet have a better antioxidant status than the omnivorous diet eaters. (2)
  • Longer, healthier life. A study found that there was a decreased in all-cause mortality, including cancer and heart disease mortality for people eating up to 7+ portions daily of fruits and vegetables. (3)

So why do some people still have issues, despite eating a raw food diet or a plant based diet – the healthiest diet and lifestyle in the world?

Well, there are 3 big reasons why people on a plant based diet might still not be getting great results with their health and in my video today I will talk about these in greater detail.

You can watch my video here:

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