Fruitarian Raw Vegan For 30 Years Reveals His Mistakes And Lessons Learnt

We first met Dr Robert Lockhart at the Woodstock Fruit Festival in the US and then we spent some time with him when we lived in Australia.

He has been a fruitarian and raw vegan for nearly 30 years and at 70 years of age he looks and acts way younger than his actual years.

Today, we share with you an exclusive interview with Dr Robert Lockhart, where he reveals the details of his 30-year fruitarian raw vegan journey.

You will discover:

• Why Dr. Robert Lockhart went fruitarian raw vegan
• Whether he ever felt like giving up
• 3 big mistakes that he made along the way and has since corrected
• His advice for those wanting to go fruitarian raw vegan

Dr. Robert Lockhart’s website is:

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21,669 thoughts on “Fruitarian Raw Vegan For 30 Years Reveals His Mistakes And Lessons Learnt

  •   Zuzanna W  |   

    Jesus I thought he is 55! Amazing

  •   Angelina Lam  |   

    I’m a vegetarian since the ages of 4 yrs old and a vegan of 19 months,and
    I’ve been strictly follow the raw foods diet for 10 months and half and I
    haven’t experienced anything like it my whole 29 years of age.I’ve felt
    like a newborn person but between over 10 months I’ve eaten cooked vegan
    foods heavy on plant fat I’d felt terrible compare to when I ate 100% raw
    fruit/ veggies with rarely nuts/ seeds.I could even jogging for 8 miles a
    days/5’days a weeks.Over all this 100% raw foods with none steamed veggies
    is the supreme way of eating to makes your physical and mentally growth
    higher.Thanks very much Yulia for putting this interview with this
    incredible dr.Robert Lockhard.I’m forever grateful for these dr like him
    and dr of the book 80/10/10,because I’ve experienced my whole physical and
    mind is so liberating.

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