Pregnancy After Miscarriage – Getting Pregnant On The First Try!

Pregnancy after miscarriage can be a time of both joy and anxiety for a pregnant woman.

Many women are typically looking for pregnancy tips or how to get pregnant and be as healthy as possible during their pregnancy, yet getting pregnant is not the issue for some women.

Instead, carrying a baby to full term is.

Unfortunately, statistics show that around 10-20% of known pregnancies end in a miscarriage.

Around 1 in 100 women experience what is termed a recurrent miscarriage, which is when they experience 3 or more in a row.

It’s no surprise that experiencing just one or more miscarriages can lead to both anxiety and depression, so getting the proper support if this happens is essential to the wellbeing of the woman.

So what early miscarriage symptoms or miscarriage symptoms can women experience?

They can include: mild to severe back pain, pain in your lower tummy and cramping, a vaginal discharge of fluid, a discharge of tissue and no longer experiencing symptoms of being pregnant like feeling sick and breast tenderness.

It is important to state that if any of these supposed signs of early miscarriage do occur it does not necessarily mean you have miscarried, but you are best advised to seek the help of a medical doctor or another trained health professional as soon as possible.

The question then comes – what exactly are the miscarriage causes or factors that can raise the risk of someone suffering a miscarriage?

Well, they can include things like taking certain medications, food poisoning, the woman carrying the embryo while already experiencing serious health issues herself, drinking alcohol, smoking, being obese, and more …

Knowing all this it should go without saying that eating a healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle is going to help give you a better chance of not just conceiving a baby but also carrying it full term.

In my video today I am sharing a heartwarming story about a client of ours called Janine and her pregnancy after a miscarriage experience.

After miscarrying her first child and having to deal with the ensuing depression, she reached out to us for help. She wanted to change her nutrition and lifestyle, try again and bear a child full term.

Janine was 38 at the time, so she knew that getting pregnant after a miscarriage was her top priority.

To give herself and her body the very best opportunity to do this she wanted to make sure that her diet and lifestyle were optimal.

Watch this video to discover how we helped Janine enjoy a successful pregnancy after her miscarriage and what we did together to make it happen.

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