"Would you like to detox, improve your digestion, accelerate your healing, and achieve greater mind-body balance?"

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What is a banana/raw fruit mono island?

'Banana island' is a phrase that is used to describe someone who eats only bananas for a certain length of time, which can be anything from around just several days up to 21 and even longer. A mono fruit island can also be done on other fruit, i.e. mango, grapes, persimmons, etc. The rule is that you choose just 1 type of fruit and stay on it for the duration of your challenge, ensuring that you eat enough calories per day to meet all your body's needs. The majority of people choose bananas because they are easier to get hold of in sufficient quantities and are normally more cost effective than other fruits.

What does a banana island entail?

  • you eat all the bananas you desire and bananas are the only type of fruit that you eat. If you prefer to have another fruit instead of bananas, the rule is the same.
  • you can also add greens, if you desire, however they are not essential on the banana island. If you want to add greens, I recommend that you chose 1 type of green leafy vegetable (i.e. lettuce or celery) for the whole duration of your challenge and blend it. Some people prefer to add cucumbers instead of greens and if you are going to use cucumbers, it is best to peel them.
  • you eat ONLY ripe bananas/fruit, so you will need to plan and shop in advance to ensure that you have ripe fruit for the duration of the challenge
  • you eat your usual calories – no under-eating is involved!
  • you drink plenty of water
  • you move about daily
  • you rest enough as your body will be going through deeper detox and restoration

What are the benefits of a mono-island?

  • you can still live your life as normal and do physical exercise
  • efficient and speedy detox
  • your digestive system only has one type of fruit to digest, so less energy is expended upon digestion and more energy is invested into healing
  • speeds up healing and recovery (people have overcome diseases while on a banana island)
  • can result in natural weight loss
  • can boost your fitness levels and sports performance
  • can help to end cravings and unhealthy relationships with food
  • one of the best ways to switch to a 100% low-fat raw food diet
  • helps to overcome depression and stress
  • increases vitality, energy levels and mind clarity
  • helps to lift depression and achieve a balanced emotional state
  • helps you to become more aware of yourself and achieve a greater inner connection with the world around you

What will your day look like?

Here is an outline of what your day can look like:


- Meditate/do deep breathing for approx. 10 minutes. This will help you get into the right/balanced state of mind to start your day

- Exercise for at least 30 minutes before your breakfast - it is always best to exercise before your first meal of the day. Exercise can include brisk walking, jogging, running, swimming, aerobics, dancing, weight training, yoga, etc.

- Drink 1 liter of pure filtered/mineral water before you have your breakfast

- Breakfast meal of whole bananas or a banana smoothie (the same amount of calories you usually eat)


- Drink more water 20-30 minutes before your banana meal

- A lunch meal of whole bananas or a banana smoothie (the same amount of calories you usually eat)

- Some time spent in nature (a banana island is a deep journey, so spending time in nature will benefit you greatly)


- Drink more water 20-30 minutes before your banana meal

- A dinner meal of whole bananas or a banana smoothie (the same amount of calories you usually eat) with optional 1 type of green vegetable of your choice, such as lettuce or celery. Please note that greens are optional on this challenge, however most people find it easier to do this challenge if they add some greens.

- Journal your experience, describing how you felt and what you did. You will be experiencing some incredible states during the mono island!

- A 10-minute meditation/contemplation to calm the mind

- Early bed: 9:30pm to rest and allow your body to work on its restoration. You may not fall asleep right away, however the point is to be in a horizontal position, not distracted by any external activities and resting. You may listen to some soft music, which can help you to fall asleep.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE 1: track your calories during the challenge by logging your fruit meals in some free web software called cronometer.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE 2: You have to prepare in advance by buying yourself 1-2 18kg boxes/cases of bananas for 1 week (most ladies will eat just over a box in 1 week, whilst gents will eat approx. 1 ½-2 boxes in a week) and make sure that they are ripe. Consuming unripe bananas is unhealthy and acid forming and this is something that you want to avoid.

Here is a video from Paul with tips on how to ripen your bananas more quickly:


A few words about us: We are Raw Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches and have been following a high-fruit raw vegan lifestyle since mid-2009. This lifestyle helped me to recover from a health crisis and heal Candida, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, PMS, mental/emotional imbalances, hypoglycemia, depression and severe food cravings.

Paul healed headaches, re-occurring colds and flu. We have transformed ourselves from being weak and unfit, to experiencing boundless vitality, having sharp and clear minds and becoming long-distance runners and fitness enthusiasts. We both educate and coach on nutrition and health. We also offer one-on-one coaching, please click here for details.

Reflecting on my first 7-day banana island challenge:

I started the banana island experience with no expectations, but even if I did, the banana island would have exceeded all of them! There is just one word that I can use to describe the whole experience: outstanding!

Here is what happened during my banana only diet:

  • Did not have any detox symptoms whatsoever (I eat a very clean high fruit and low-fat, Natural Hygiene-friendly diet), felt amazing throughout the whole "journey"
  • Loved every single meal of bananas and never felt like "I have had enough of these" even once
  • Been even more positive than ever
  • My skin got even shiner and silkier
  • Felt a huge craving to be connected to the Earth, working in the garden with plants and watching animals
  • Ran 22km up and down a very steep mountain called Doi Suthep in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Recovered in double quick time, did not have any leg soreness. Also set a new PB for my 5km running.
  • Energy, energy and more energy! Did lots of fitness – cross-fit workouts, cycling, weight-training, dancing
  • Body felt more flexible than ever
  • Experienced very sharp clarity of mind, which allowed me to restructure tasks and activities in my life and set goals for new projects
  • Been in-tune with myself, reflecting, restructuring, changing myself further, etc. Was a busy inner journey, definitely!
  • Felt balanced, in fact, discovered the sort of balance that I have not been fully aware of in the past

Here is a video about my second 12-day banana island experience:

Enjoy being on the island!

Yulia Tarbath

PS: Once your banana island is over, how about switching to the lifestyle that will make you feel energetic, help you lose weight naturally, stay in great shape and look absolutely glowing?