4 Issues With Raw Till 4 Diet You Need To Be Aware Of

There are 4 big issues with the raw till 4 diet. Although this diet will promise you weigh loss and health transformation, it’s important to be aware of the areas that we will cover in this blog post.

Here is the video that talks about it:

4 Issues With The Raw Till 4 Diet

It is not that we are against the raw till 4 lifestyle – it certainly is way healthier than most diets out there, including vegan ones, however there are some aspects of this lifestyle we would like to talk about.

Number 1: The fear of fat.

Yes, too much fat is bad for you. But that doesn’t mean that you need to avoid all fat, especially the healthy fats you get in avocado or coconut flesh.

The world fittest people – elite Kenyan runners and the Tarahumarans in Mexico consume between 9-13% fat in their diets.

Most people transition into a Raw Till 4 diet from standard, fat laden food plans, so going on a lifestyle that exclude all fats may lead to them being less satiated.

For as long as you consume fats in healthy amounts and keep your fat at around 10% of your total daily calories, then there is absolutely no problem with adding them to your food plan.

Number 2: Calories.

I’ve made lots of videos about it and talked about why people gain weight on a high-carb vegan plan due to eating too many calories.

Raw till 4 diet plan tells you to eat a MINIMUM of 2,500 calories per day. Please can anyone explain why a tall female athlete and a short, sedentary lady need to eat the same amount of calories?

Eating more than your body needs can lead to unwanted weight gain, even if you eat fruit or starch.

4 Issues With Raw Till 4 Diet You Need To Be Aware Of

Number 3: Water.

Do you feel bloated on the raw till 4 diet? This could be due to you drinking too much water. The recommended water intake is 3 liters.

However, most people will not need to drink this much water. The best way to determine how much water you need to drink is to drink according to your thirst.

If you are thirsty – drink more. If your urine is dark in colour, you need to increase your water intake. If your urine is light in colour or clear – you are hydrated.

Number 4: Healing.

A lot of people come into a vegan diet because they want to heal themselves.

However, a diet of fruit, grain and beans, as promoted by raw till 4 diet gurus, may not be suitable for people healing digestive or other disorders.

So it is important for you to know that you may need to eat differently and choose a food plan such as a low-fat raw vegan one or a low-fat, high raw vegan plan that excludes grains and beans.

Here is the link to my video that talks about the raw till 4 issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4c49my0MII

What is your experience with the raw till 4 lifestyle? Please post your comments below!


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22 thoughts on “4 Issues With Raw Till 4 Diet You Need To Be Aware Of

  •   ShaniaBrooke  |   

    Very true 🙂 great video!

  •   Persimmon Dancer Emilie  |   

    Thank you for sharing. I am currently pregnant. Did you increase your water
    drinking during pregnancy? How much? I have noticed I’m drinking more water

  •   TASTELIKEVEGAN with Kimmie  |   
  •   Kari Eats Plants  |   

    Amen sister. But this sensible way of thinking is not well accepted. I’m
    not actually raw but once the garden veggies kick in this summer I will be
    for a couple months. And yes I will enjoy an avocado on my salad if I feel
    like it.

  •   Marianne Montreuil  |   

    Great video!!

  •   Kelly Kurcina  |   

    Would love more Raw Till 4 videos. Thank you so much for you informative

  •   Kelly Kurcina  |   

    And I have been on Raw till 4 for about 5 years. All fruit/veggies 5 days
    a week and then 2 days a week I have a few ounces of soymilk and a cup of
    raw sprouted oats. One time a month I may have some beans. I agree with
    all 4 of your points. I definitely have to watch my calories to maintain
    my weight and I train in the gym 6x a week pretty intense.

  •   Vegan Growth  |   

    Awesome video and points! I agree with everything you mentioned, and I
    think people have now been less afraid of speaking out about things they
    disagree with the diet/lifestyle. I don’t know how many more people they
    can ban before they have no one coming to the TFF anymore if they speak
    out. They might as well call it the RT4 festival..

  •   Bode Brooks  |   

    Great video. Also adorable top you’re wearing 🙂 pEaCe 🙂

  •   Amumoomoo  |   

    Hi! Great video 🙂 the bit where you talked about fats really resonated
    with me, if I don’t eat at least about 9-11% of fats in my diet I do not
    feel satisfied and I overeat to point where my stomach literally hurts.
    This made me feel lethargic, not wanting to get up and do things, or go out
    and live my life because I was held back by this digestive issue. Now I’m
    listening more to my body and giving myself what I actually need and what
    makes my body feel amazing. Thankyou for these videos and for helping me
    with this, I was so confused as to what I was doing wrong before!

  •   Elisabetta Fruiggivoria  |   

    Agree on everything. Colitis plus raw till 4 = ouch! Those poor people.

  •   Josh Navarro  |   

    Nice video! I hope you don’t get heat from the healthy fat haters lol I
    personally like to get between 10% – 15% fats So, I still keep it somewhat
    low but I do use some coconut oil and olive oil. If I’m training harder and
    working out more I will eat more If I’m not I eat less. I listen to what my
    body tells me.

  •   teambanana.com  |   

    I loooove, stone fruit! <3

  •   Tonya Gutnik  |   

    Tnx for the video!

  •   Ernie Blenkinsop  |   

    The recommendations on RT4 are general, not specific to any one person. Fat
    laden diets are unhealthy, keep the fat low. Eat all you want, never go
    hungry. Drink enough to keep your pee clear. And if eating a specific food
    causes you problems, do not eat it!

  •   Kristina D.  |   

    If I crave for Conifer nuts whats my body missing?


    I just got word from the raw till 4 cult ……..they would like a full
    retraction to your comments in writing or you will be BANNED!

  •   Rosa Mart  |   

    have you ever thought about creating russian channel?

  •   ann-marie Reid  |   

    Is there an app for my phone for tracking food and calories that you can
    recommend? I am fairly new to the 80/10/10 and I have an app on my phone
    but it doesn’t matter what I eat I can’t seem to stay within the 10% fat
    and protein range. I am wondering if it is the app that is the problem.

  •   miknter26  |   

    Great video. Thank you

  •   Dawn Kellogg-Patterson  |   

    Can I ask you how much you weigh, your hight and how many calories you
    intake in a day? Everything you have said makes sense to me about the Raw
    Till 4.. I have found the same thing 3 liters of water is way way to much
    for even me. I have a hard time downing a quarter of a watermelon after
    waking. 🙂 I do drink according to my thirst. I live in a colder climate
    so I truly eat more vegs then fruits because of cost but I would love to
    eat more fruit if money was not the issue. Also do you think a half a
    avocado is to much to eat every day? I just love it all squished up with a
    spoon and some lime juice tossed over it. It’s been a family fav for all of
    us(husband, 3 yr old daughter and I). Thank you for all your info here
    please keep the videos coming.

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