40+ Metabolism Weight Loss – The Best Meal Plan To Help

If you’re 40+ and you’re looking to achieve metabolism weight loss, you need the right meal plan.

True, your metabolism slows down as you get to around that 40-year mark.

Slow metabolism symptoms can appear in various forms – from low energy levels to slower digestion, and the much dreaded excess weight gain.

As a 40+ woman, you can experience a long list of health issues as you go through your perimenopause and menopause.

With everything from dry skin, hot flashes, and lower energy levels through to poor digestion, poor sleep, and the all too easy weight gain that seems more and more difficult to shift.

So if slow metabolism weight loss sounds familiar to you, you definitely need the right meal plan.

We’ve worked with thousands of clients and they’ve noticed that when they ate a high-fat diet, instead of getting better, things got worse.

They had lower energy levels, dissatisfaction with the high-fat foods they were eating, and you probably guessed it – weight loss problems.

Slow metabolism symptoms would appear after following a high-fat diet like keto or Paleo for example and studies have shown us that greatly reducing carbohydrate intake is a bad idea for your thyroid gland which needs carbohydrates to function properly (1,2).

So are there such things as slow metabolism foods or foods that slow metabolism?

In short, the answer is yes.

There are foods that boost metabolism, but more accurately a way of eating that helps you move towards a fast metabolism.

If you worry about perimenopause sudden weight gain or how to lose weight during menopause then today’s video is for you.

We talk about new science that is coming out and showing us the very best diet for weight loss and also overall health (3,4).

With this in mind, age is not the reason to keep on gaining more and more weight. Instead, it’s an opportunity to achieve healthy weight loss and also build your health.

In this video, you will find out exactly what you need to do to start losing your excess weight no matter what your age and start feeling great again!

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