Fruit Based Vegan Diet Or Vegetable Based: What’s Best?

Should you follow a fruit-based vegan diet or vegetable-based for your hormonal balance, gut health, and a healthy weight?

We know there are so many different diets out there and as a result a lot of confusion about what dietary plan to follow and why.

You hear about a fruit-based vegan diet or raw vegan diet and all the great benefits of eating fruits but what about following an all-raw diet or high raw vegetable diet?

Instead of going fruit-based vegan all raw or high raw, you choose to go with lots and lots of leafy greens in your diet and cut right back on your fruit intake.

You try to eat lots of green vegetables from salads, for example, and you also do lots of juicing to get enough food volume from green leafy vegetables to fill up on, but it just doesn’t work.

Even with juicing lots and lots of greens, you will never be able to get enough calories.

It simply means you will need to replace the fruit calories with fat calories from foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, and even oils, which in particular are very unhealthy for you.

You could even add some cooked starch into your diet along with the green juices and the fat on a high raw vegan diet, but this won’t give you the energy levels and overall health you are looking for when compared to eating plenty of fruit in your diet.

Yes, having plenty of leafy greens in your diet is super important but eliminating all or most of the fruit from your menu plan is a mistake.

Watch my video to discover exactly why eating a fruit-based diet and not a fat-based diet, even if it has lots of leafy green vegetables in it is optimal for your health.

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