Anti-Candida Diet Myths And What To Eat Instead

Do you need the anti-candida diet to beat your candida overgrowth and follow a candida diet meal plan?

Is sugar really to blame for your candida?

There are so many myths out there regarding candida which is a fungus that lives both inside and on your body.

The problem is not that you have candida but that it has overgrown to the point it has become a problem for your body.

This can happen for a variety of reasons.

If you have ever suffered from a candida overgrowth yourself you will almost certainly have come across the large number of different ideas and strategies that people use to try and heal their condition.

A lot of the advice you come across regarding candida revolves around dietary changes and people inevitably come across approaches like the anti-candida diet, vegan candida diet, candida diet recipes, or candida diet food lists.

As already mentioned, the big problem though is that there are many myths that abound regarding candida overgrowths and how to heal them and one of the big myths is sugar!

Sugar has been vilified for many years and held up as one of the big problems when it comes to the cause and actual healing of a candida overgrowth.

The simple idea goes that sugar is bad as it feeds candida, so you have to do an anti-candida diet or candida diet overgrowth diet to heal yourself of this problem.

The idea is you literally starve the candida of sugar to kill it and of course, this means depriving yourself of sugar too.

This then leads you down the road of dietary struggle and the other negative health aspects of doing low sugar diets.

So in this video today we go through 3 of the big myths regarding how to treat a candida overgrowth and what you need to do instead.

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