Candida Diet – The Best Way To Start It

If you have Candida Albicans, you would have come across the anti-candida diet.

This meal plan excludes carbs, including whole-food carbs, and instead gets you to consume large amounts of fats and protein in an effort to help you balance your candida overgrowth.

If you have followed our work over the last decade and more you will definitely know how we feel about consuming large amounts of fat in your meal plan – don’t do it!

Science shows us that excess fat in the diet is bad and we work with a continual stream of clients who come to us from the high-fat side of the diet divide looking for help.

Very often they are looking desperately to heal their candida overgrowth and have found the recommended high-fat diet to be nothing short of a disaster for healing their candida overgrowth and indeed their health overall.

We totally understand it can all be very, very confusing with all the information out there with candida diet recipes, candida diet food lists and candida diet cleanses.

There are even candida diet breakfast plans and meals and candida diet snacks that you can follow not to mention the almost inevitable candida diet weight loss.

So what is the best way through all this muddle of information and much of which we see many of our clients have struggled with by following unhealthy high-fat diets, especially when it comes to addressing candida.

Well, firstly you need to acknowledge that there is a way forward for you and your candida overgrowth.

There is a vegan candida diet that will help your body begin to heal itself naturally so you can start to feel better again, reducing your symptoms at an accelerated rate.

And one of the most important points I cover in my video today is that you can enjoy delicious fruity carbs and begin your recovery from a candida overgrowth quickly.

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