Candida Symptoms – How To Balance Candida Overgrowth Quickly With A High Carb Diet

There are basically 2 ways to balance your candida symptoms – the slow way or the fast way.

In truth, the slow way of balancing your candida usually ends up with you not balancing it at all.

If you feel fatigued, bloated, irritable, and have skin and weight issues – candida could well be the cause.

So you’ll definitely want to follow the right candida diet to help you reverse it.

Now, one diet called the anti-candida diet is supposed to help you treat a candida overgrowth/yeast infection.

So people with chronic candida will often go on the anti-Candida diet to cleanse and detox.

This typically means going high protein and high fat.

When your levels of candida go out of balance, it can cause many health problems.

Some of the candida symptoms include; skin issues, digestive problems, fatigue, inflammation, and even a leaky gut and autoimmune disease.

I personally followed the anti-candida diet for two years and achieved zero results, until I finally came across the vegan diet candida plan that’s based on large amounts of fruit and is high in carbohydrates.

Just like any person, I was scared about consuming too much sugar due to the large amount of fruit however, the new vegan diet candida plan helped me cure my candida symptoms in just 3 DAYS!

Thanks to this plan many of our clients have experienced the exact same results and healed their candida quickly.

There is a big difference between eating refined sugar that you’ll find in soda drinks, cakes, candy bars, and processed syrups, and those from whole fruits.

Going with the anti-candida high fat diet can lead to a number of health problems and I talk about these as well in my video today.

Here’s the video where I explain more:

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