Raise Your Spiritual Vibration With More Raw Foods (And Our Story)

If you recognise that you’re here to raise your spiritual vibration and you want your diet to help you facilitate that change, today’s blog and video are for you!

Here’s what’s happening in our world today –- an enormous amount of people are aware about the importance of raising their spiritual vibration.

Many of us realize that we’re not some powerless beings and victims of life, but rather creators of our own worlds and reality.

As soon as we are born into this disconnected world, it begins to mould us, separating us from our true expanded nature and limiting many aspects of ourselves.

Right from our childhoods, we get given the foods and drinks that lead to ill health and disease, we’re sent to schools that suppress our true creative selves, then most people choose jobs that pay the bills, but don’t serve their higher purpose and so it continues.

The kind of conscious change we are talking about is a shift in your understanding of yourself, your self-worth, your lifestyle and the world around you.

When you begin to pay attention to your lifestyle, diet, thoughts, behavioural patterns and inner feelings, and start to question the accepted cultural/societal norms, the shift in consciousness occurs.

How To Raise Your Spiritual Vibration With More Raw Foods

We’ve now been on a diet influenced conscious journey for 11 years and we’ve experimented with many different spiritual practices, healing modalities, personal growth tools, diets and cleansing methods.

The biggest shift in our life happened when we switched to a fruit-based raw food diet.

My (Yulia) health issues started to balance very quickly, including Candida, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues and depression.

When you eat your natural diet that is fruit based – it’s light on your body, it’s high in it’s water content, it’s got lots of sun energy, it’s easy for your digestive system and it’s purifying and healing for your health and your consciousness.

Instead of a large amount of your energy going to your stomach to digest complex meals, all that extra energy is available to you to do other things.

You experience a heightened state of consciousness and your mind becomes very clear.

In the end, meditating when you have a headache, stomach ache, aching joints or a heavy body is a lot more challenging when compared to the quality of meditation in a light, healthy and raw plant-powered body.

So watch the video above to discover more!

Has a raw or mostly raw food diet helped you raise your spiritual vibration? Leave your comments below!

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9 thoughts on “Raise Your Spiritual Vibration With More Raw Foods (And Our Story)

  •   Donna  |   

    I don’t do social media, but I love when people like you acknowledge and promote the connection between heightened spiritual vibration and higher vibrational pure plant based, uncooked foods. Keep up the great work!

  •   TheOtteyMML  |   

    Wonderful video! Thank You. And yes I have noticed things become easier when I do 100% raw. Believe it or not this is the main reason I do it. Of course the health, etc. are all there but at 63 years of age I want more. And I’ve known this for years just never spoke to many about it because I’m not attempting to sell anything to anyone, nor defend or explain my actions.

  •   carmenmich  |   

    Can you elaborate on how being vegan improved your energy healing abilities? I do energy healing as well. I’m curious about if you feel more sensations in your body, or from your palms and how it affects your clients. On a side note, have you used Diatomateous earth? Can you share a video on your experience?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Good question. I actually moved away from intentional healing and decided to help people change their diets and lifestyle as it proved to be a lot more powerful from my experience. But the 2 approaches can be successfully integrated together. I will be teaching (in a close future) healers and health practitioners to put this lifestyle into practice to create a healthy body and a healthy business.

      We haven’t used Diatomateous earth, but know people who did and had good results.

  •   Inna Gornovska  |   

    Awesome video. Spirituality and the connection to the Creator depends on the health of our body and most specifically the endocrine glands (chakras). Without properly functioning pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid, adrenals we are blocked and the higher energy cannot go through us and use us a a vehicle for its goodness. Definitely clean air, raw foods and exercise is the way to connect our physical body to all other bodies (astral, mental, causal etc.)

  •   DahliaRose  |   

    I love this video! So good to hear more from your journey! It gives us a fuller picture of who you are (as did the bloopers, so nice to see you irritated!❤️) The energy of this video was so uplifting and and authentic! Please more! ????

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Wow, so exciting to hear, we will be making more for sure!

  •   Briana Campo  |   

    Amazing video you two!!!❤️❤️❤️

  •   Vegan gangster vi  |   

    You guys are inspiration

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