My Candida Test Results After 9 Years On A High-Sugar Diet

Candida and a high-sugar, fruit based diet don’t work together at all, according to the traditional “anti-candida” sugar free approach.

Typically the very first piece of advice that you’ll get from most people when it comes to Candida usually sounds something like this: “Remove all the sugar from your diet and go on an “anti-candida”, low carb diet.”

This mean very little or no fruit, very little carbs and lots of fat and protein. That’s exactly the diet that I was following for nearly 2 years without any success.

Suffering from a yeast infection can be a very unpleasant health issue to deal with.

Weight gain, thrush, allergies, fatigue, skin issues, leaky gut and autoimmune diseases – these are just some of the symptoms of a yeast overgrowth.

Yet, there is a powerful method that can help you end candida WITHOUT the traditional anti-candida diet.

I share my candida gut test results after 9+ years on a VERY high sugar, fruit-based plan in my video today. Check it out here:

Candida naturally lives in the human body, it’s just that when someone’s health is out of balance it can grow out of control and cause health problems.

I followed an anti-Candida diet for nearly 2 years and during that time I experienced severe cravings, fatigue, hormonal imbalances (PCOS, PMS and fertility issues), mental and emotional instability and depression.

I spent literally thousands on supplements, colonics, cleanses, super-foods, herb, tinctures and other things with no positive results. I was really afraid of sugar and fruit, and I was limiting or even completely avoiding it.

And when I switched to a fruit-based lifestyle, I corrected my deficiencies, balanced my hormones and gut – everything changed for me.

Just recently, after 9 years on this plan, I did a gut test.

What was the result?

I share it with you in my video today, check it our above!

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    Sweet Vid, U look great! So to clarify U scored 3 points less on Candida spp and non-existent on every other one?

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    Great job, looking great!

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