Debunking The Collagen Myth

Collagen … those amazing benefits for your skin that you hear about.

Bone broth, collagen supplements – what if you don’t need any of it though?

So what exactly is collagen?

Collagen is a protein and it’s actually the most abundant protein in the human body.

Why is it so important? Collagen is needed for your skin to give it its elasticity, which helps you look younger and more glowing.

That’s one of the reasons why so much is made about this particular protein and women’s skin health in particular.

Skincare is a huge industry, skincare products in the United States alone hit a whopping $5.6 billion dollars in 2018.

Yes, a lot of people take their skin care very seriously and are willing to pay big money to look good.

Great – our health is our wealth and we need to invest into it – definitely.

But … you don’t need to consume collagen. Why?

Discover this and more in this video:

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One thought on “Debunking The Collagen Myth

  •   anna  |   

    Yes, I can attest. I take mega doses of vitamin C before bed most of the time. When I have eaten well that day, if I take a large heaping dose of my Acerola Cherry powder vitamin C, I will wake up with puffy, full lips. It feels like I had lip injections. Not too crazy or anything, but just a nice full plumpness in my lips. I have always assumed this was because of increased collagen production due to the vitamin C. Best wishes everyone!! and I love you Yulia!!

    P.S. I also take Magnesium in my night time drink with my cherry powder

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