How I Healed Adrenal Fatigue With A High Fruit Vegan Diet Plan – Adrenal Recovery

Adrenal fatigue affects many people and if you have significant health problems then you can easily fall into this category.

In truth, it’s a symptom of a much bigger health issue or issues happening within your body and there are many reasons why it can happen and these can include:

High-stress levels, thyroid problems, infections, deficiencies, poor dietary choices, and more …

Personally, I went from being almost bedridden to reversing my adrenal fatigue and discovering a level of vitality that I would have never thought possible before.

In fact, after my recovery, I actually became a running enthusiast.

But, not only did I transform my health and so my life, but I also learned along the way what some of the worst things are that you can do for your health, including the health of your adrenals.

In this video, I go through what did and didn’t work for me and why so much of what people believe is good for their health, including adrenal recovery, is just plain wrong.

Watch my video to discover all this and more.

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