3 Reasons Why You Have Hypothyroidism Symptoms Despite Taking Thyroid Medication

Why do you have all the hypothyroidism symptoms despite taking thyroid medication?

You got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and your doctor put you on thyroid medication.

You were really hoping it would make you feel better but sadly it did not.

In fact, you have all the hypothyroid symptoms despite having normal lab results.

Your doctor tells you “everything is fine” because your lab results say so.

You can hardly get out of bed and feel like you could sleep all day – a low thyroid symptom.

Your hair is falling out, you have aches and pains, and your brain feels unclear and it’s hard to focus on anything.

Well, I know exactly how you are feeling and I was in this exact same situation myself when I was in my early twenties.

I had my labs done, and took the thyroid medication my doctor gave me and I still had no energy, low libido, aches and pains, my hair was falling out and I could not concentrate on anything.

I felt awful!

So in this video, I want to share with you 3 major factors that can cause you to still suffer from hypothyroid symptoms even when you are taking thyroid meds and your lab work looks fine.

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