Incredible 70lbs High Carb Raw Vegan Weight Loss Transformation

I contacted Melissa Raimondi  for an interview because she went through an incredible high carb raw vegan weight loss transformation and, along with that, also completely transformed her heath.

Melissa Raimondi became a raw vegan for a number of reasons: health, ethics and the wider environment.

So in this video she talks about her high carb raw vegan weight loss journey, with amazing before and after photos.


Melissa’s High Carb Raw Vegan Weight Loss Transformation

As well as experiencing an amazing 70lbs weight loss, Melissa also balanced her hormones and metabolism, cleared her acne and gained mental and emotional harmony with her food.

Prior to going high fruit raw vegan, she experimented with the high fat raw food diet, which never worked for her and actually resulted in greater cravings and relapses.

She says that after following a high fruit raw food plan she feels amazing, maintaining her ideal weight is effortless and she’s excited and passionate about life.

So watch the video above to discover more about Melissa’s high carb raw vegan weight loss journey!

Melissa’s website:

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5 thoughts on “Incredible 70lbs High Carb Raw Vegan Weight Loss Transformation

  •   vegan bae  |   

    amazing :)

  •   koalamama2  |   

    I love Lissa and her recipes (in fact, I just used one at Thanksgiving). She’s one of the first raw foodies I subbed to.
    I have the same loose exercise routine, except with biking (it’s my “car”), and eat the same amount of calories to maintain. I also live in Canada =)
    I never get cravings for anything, with one exception. I was in the middle of a move last week and barely had time to eat. I never got enough calories or nutrients and then one day I was watching my kids eat in the mall food court while I was STARVING and I actually had strong images of eating their food. I got a smoothie. Later I found out one place there actually offers a big melon salad for $5! It had a sandwich and soup theme so I’d never bothered looking before.

  •   Marianna Sekacova  |   

    The cat!!!! 😀 😀 :D

  •   Amanda Lewis  |   

    Great video. I was really inspired and motivated to continue my raw vegan lifestyle.

  •   CameliaDiamonds  |   

    🇨🇦🇨🇦Lissa you are amazing!!!!

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