Hypothyroidism: 3 Reasons Why Your Thyroid Medication Is Not Working

Do you have a thyroid disorder, such as hypothyroidism? Were given medication for it, but your thyroid medication is not working?

Hypothyroidism are a huge issue for so many people, especially women.

Here’s a typical scenario of what happens:

You go to your doctor because you feel exhausted all the time, suffering with low libido, feeling anxious, gaining weight and having hair fall out.

Your doctor runs some blood tests, diagnoses you with hypothyroidism, puts you on thyroid medications and tells you to come back in a few weeks to re-test.

Weeks go by and you visit the doctor once more. Your results come back and all’s looking “normal”. Yet, you are still experiencing all the hypothyroid symptoms.

So what’s going on?

Discover the 3 biggest reasons in this video:

Hypothyroidism: 3 Reasons Why Your Thyroid Medication Is Not Working

Reason number 1: low thyroid T3 hormone

Doctors typically test the thyroid hormones called TSH and T4, but not T3 and not for thyroid antibodies. Yet, T3 is very important because it is an active thyroid hormone.

Regular thyroid medications, such as Levothyroxine or Synthoid, contain the T4 hormone, which gets converted in your body into active T3.

However, if despite being on medication, your T3 is still low, you’ll continue experiencing all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Reason number 2: low level of general health

The T4 thyroid medication that you take gets converted into what is called ‘active T3’ in your body and to do this you must have a healthy liver and gut.

If, however the health of your liver and/or your gut are compromised, this can affect not just your thyroid health, but your overall level of health as well.

So it’s essential to work on cleansing and restoring the health of your liver and your gut in order to help your thyroid improve or completely rebalance itself.

Reason number 3: poor adrenal health

Typically, medical doctors don’t recognize adrenal fatigue as a health issue. It’s not something that they study, so hence they think it doesn’t exist.

However, if your adrenals are low and not producing enough hormones or over worked and producing too much to the point of exhaustion, then this will negatively impact your hormonal balance.

In turn, it will affect your thyroid, and your health will feel like it has been turned upside down.

So working on adrenal issues as well as your thyroid health is a must to get your body back to optimal health, otherwise you’ll continue to struggle with your hormonal and general health.

Discover more in my video above!

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3 thoughts on “Hypothyroidism: 3 Reasons Why Your Thyroid Medication Is Not Working

  •   Sara  |   

    Could you do a video on how to heal your gut on a vegan diet? Thanks

  •   Marie Falk  |   

    have no thyroid .must eat hormones levaxin for ever

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Marie, of course each situation is different and some people have to take medication. However, we’ve still seen our clients improve quality of their life in all situations.

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