Liver Detox: How To Cleanse Your Liver For Weight Loss And Healthy Hormones

A natural and safe liver detox is one of the first steps to cleansing your body and restoring your health naturally.

The liver is one of the biggest detoxification organs in the body. It works hard to detoxify your blood, produce the bile needed to digest fats, break down unwanted hormones, and store essential vitamins, minerals and iron. 

A healthy liver is also a must for converting T4 to the active T3 hormone, which is necessary for the health of your thyroid.

The liver has two pathways for detoxification – known as phase 1 and phase 2.

In the first step (Phase 1) toxins are metabolized into other substances which then makes them easier to process.

In the second step (known as Phase 2), the processes involved here detoxify the substances and make them water-soluble so they can be excreted via stools or urine.

However, if your detox pathways become overwhelmed and so fail to function properly, you will end up with a toxic overload.

Toxins can start building up in your body, including your fat cells and even bones instead of being excreted.

Symptoms of toxic liver

Symptoms you can experience due to a congested liver include:

  1. Hormone imbalances
  2. Weight gain
  3. Skin problems acne, rosacea, rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema
  4. Fatigue
  5. Chemical sensitivities
  6. Digestive problems
  7. Constipation
  8. Joint pain
  9. Bad breath

People with an autoimmune disease, such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, are especially prone to liver congestion.

I talk about natural and safe ways for detoxing your liver in my video here:

Fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease is now the most common cause of chronic liver disease in the U.S., affecting 70 million Americans—that’s one in three adults.

At its very worst it can lead all the way to liver cancer, liver failure, and even death.

With a poor diet and lifestyle you can also increase your chances of suffering from what is called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is when you have a build-up of too much fat in your liver.

The risk factors for suffering from fatty liver disease include:

Liver detox for balanced health

What can you do?

There was a study done on 9,000 American adults who were followed for 13 years.

What was found was a strong association between cholesterol intake (from the foods they eat, so animal products like meat and eggs for example) and hospitalization, and death from cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Eating animal foods is another way that your liver may suffer injury, and which could lead to cirrhosis of the liver (scaring of the liver) and even liver cancer.

Performing a safe and natural liver detox can help you with weight loss, hormonal health and make you feel brighter, happier, and more alive.

Discover the steps to help your liver detox itself in my video above.

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  •   lolipop2004  |   

    What fruits and vegetables help cleanse? Thanks

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      All fruit is cleansing, the more water content, the more cleansing it is. Veggies are also important.

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    Hello, Thank you for all your great videos! I am having trouble with dry eyes and they get red/yellowish also. I notice that my eyes do better when I eat vegan. When I eat meat my eyes get reddish/yellowish and dry. My hormones are also off!! I have terrible dark circles and allergies!! I want to heal my body. How long do think it takes for your body to detox, heal and see results?

    I am ready to do the work and be healthy!!
    Can you please help me!
    Thank you so much!!

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Hi Heather, absolutely, your symptoms show that your body needs your attention.

      The best place to start is our free online masterclass. You can sign up at

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