Vegan Diet Weight Loss: What’s The Best Vegan Plan?

Vegan diet weight loss .. should you do it as a low carb diet or a high carb diet for the best weight loss results?

If you have ever looked into the topic of vegan diet weight loss or any type of dietary weight loss for that matter, you will undoubtedly have heard about how going on a low carb diet will apparently help you lose your excess weight and fast.

This typically means going low carb eating lots of animal fats in your diet, like the Paleo or Keto low carb animal diets, but there is also going low carb vegan and eating lots of plant fats instead.

Now when it comes to vegan diet weight loss and creating a vegan diet weight loss meal plan we have certain criteria that we always follow when helping our clients achieve their great weight loss results and healthy detox.

Firstly, while implementing any vegan meal plans for weight loss we always strongly recommend focusing on your overall health as your number one priority and then as a result of this your weight loss will come as a side benefit.

In addition to this when choosing a vegan weight loss plan, focusing on the right balance of carbs and fats will make a huge difference to your health overall and weight loss.

Vegan Diet Weight Loss

One of the key areas that people struggle with on so many weight-loss diets is sustainability.

What vegan foods for your health and weight loss you choose to have in your menu plan are critical to this.

For example, when a client wants to follow a raw vegan diet or a high raw vegan diet it must always be a high carb diet.


Well, a high-carb diet meal plan that is full of whole plant foods, including delicious sweet fruits and vegetables is full of hydration, high in fiber and typically lower in calories when compared to a high-fat diet meal plan and much more satiating as well because it fulfills your body’s need for healthy whole food sugars.

Most people have a sweet tooth and this is where healthy living and following a vegan weight loss plan that is high in whole food carbs comes into its own and where even low carb vegan diets fail.

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