4 Reasons Why A Plant Based Diet Can Fail (And What To Do)

Do you want to discover the 4 main reasons why a plant based diet can fail you?

These are usually the reasons why some people might not be thriving on a vegan diet and their health issues, including imbalanced hormones, gut or autoimmune problems still persist.

Now we have been on this diet and lifestyle for ten years and we have personally helped hundreds of people overcome their health issues naturally.

So in today’s video we wanted to dive into the 4 reasons why this can happen and why some people have failed on this lifestyle plan.

4 Reasons Why Plant Based Diets Can Fail

Gut imbalances

Many people switching to plant based diets have gut imbalances.

They believe that diet alone will be able to help them solve all their health issues. They start off with the diet and lifestyle and share how they lost weight, feel great, have lots more energy, and have healed their health issues … but their gut health might still be out of balance.

Symptoms of a gut imbalance can include:

  • excess gas,
  • bloating,
  • brain fog,
  • fatigue,
  • skin problems.

So it’s vital to restore your gut health.


When you follow a plant based diet, there are certain nutrients that you need to pay close attention to.

They are not found in whole plant foods and you need to find them elsewhere.

So addressing deficiencies is very important, even if you think your diet is super healthy.

In truth, getting deficiencies can happen on any diet, so if you think you may be deficient, get tested and take action.

Other underlying causes of health problems

You might not have dealt with other underlying causes of ill health.

You can change your diet and lifestyle and still find yourself suffering with health issues.

This is not that the diet itself is not working for you, but rather you need to dig deeper into why your health is still less than optimal.

For example, there are various issues that can contribute to health issues, including hormonal imbalances, gut issues, autoimmune disorders, poor relationships, lack of social contact etc.

Lack of focus

Focus on your priorities and go deep within to understand yourself and what you want from your life.

For example we have been following this diet and lifestyle for 10 years now because it is one of our main priorities in life for a number of reasons, including health and well-being, caring for the animals on our planet and also the environment as a whole.

Discover more in our video above.

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5 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why A Plant Based Diet Can Fail (And What To Do)

  •   amy rorris  |   

    Mono meals can help w hurt belly.

  •   amy rorris  |   

    They need to eat more simply mono meals. No grains

  •   vegan til I die  |   

    Love your videos! You help motivate me to go forward as a vegan with more knowledge of my body❤

  •   blocks and tulips  |   

    I have tried the raw vegan diet numerous times (and am not giving up) but 99% of the time the reason i fall off is because always my anxiety and nervousness goes through the roof on this diet! Sadly to say when I eat a salad with animal protein my body calms down immediately and I feel better. I do not get this reaction from protein powders/chia seeds/nuts. Any suggestions?!!! Please 🙂

  •   amy rorris  |   

    U guys are adorable and great role models!! Ty!

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