Hypothyroidism Weight Loss- Before & After Story

Hypothyroidism weight loss may seem like an impossible dream, with you feeling like you gain weight just by looking at food.

When you have hypothyroidism, your metabolism slows down.

Instead of burning calories easily, your body starts turning them into body fat and this is why you start gaining weight, which can also lead to other serious health challenges.

Inflammation, estrogen dominance, fatigue, other hormonal imbalances – these are just some of the health issues you can start experiencing.

Yet, there’s a way forward.

In my video today, I’m sharing my before and after hypothyroidism weight loss and what changes you can implement, so you too can lose that extra weight and feel amazing in your body.

Hypothyroidism Weight Loss – My Story

When I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism in my early twenties, I got put on medication straight away.

At the time, I did not know what I do now, so I just followed the doctors advice and only later did I become aware of the link between diet and health, my consciousness and the way my body works.

The majority of blogs and videos out there that you can watch about balancing hypothyroidism weight loss, as well as adrenal fatigue and gut issues will tell you to restrict carbohydrates and go heavy on protein and fat.

This is what I did for 2 years with zero success.

Eventually, I realised I could not carry on this way. Because I literally starved myself of carbohydrates and I suffered with terrible fatigue.

So I caved in and started to eat lots of carbs … on top of all the fat I was eating at a time.

Needless to say, I gained excess weight.

Not because of carbs themselves, but because I didn’t have the right plan to follow.

My body felt tired, sluggish, I had cellulite and my health was poor. I knew I had to continue searching for solutions.

I switched to a new lifestyle plan – plant foods and low fat. I changed other lifestyle areas.

The stubborn excess weight melted away naturally without too much effort and I was able to maintain it year in and year out.

Even when I gave birth to my daughter (after years of fertility issues and after I healed PCOS), I dropped the excess weight and maintained my natural 120 lbs.

I’ve been at my healthy weight for the last 9 years.

So if you feel really frustrated about your hypothyroidism weight loss, suffering with more and more fatigue, feeling anxious, experiencing low libido, low levels of confidence, and hair loss …

Know that there is a way.

Steps To Follow For Hypothyroidism Weight Loss

The first step that I recommend my clients focusing on is changing their diet and switching to one that is anti-inflammatory.

So if you have hypothyroidism and 90% of people who do, have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, then switching to an anti inflammatory plant foods diet that is low in fat is very important.

Changing other aspects of your lifestyle like your exercise plan, your calories in and out, balancing your liver and git health are also all important.

Here’s something to remember: as you get older and go into the menopause and beyond it, your hormone levels will naturally decline.

So the possibility of gaining more weight will increase. Unless you take care of yourself now as you are aging, then things will only unfortunately get worse.

Studies show that a vegan diet tended to be associated with protection against hypothyroidism as well as lower body weight, which may actually protect you against hypothyroidism. 

Watch my video above to focus on the right steps to help you achieve hypothyroidism weight loss!

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3 thoughts on “Hypothyroidism Weight Loss- Before & After Story

  •   Lovie Love  |   

    Plant based foods, exercise. Balance deficiencies (iron, magnesium, etc).

  •   Magdalena Bernadette  |   

    My Gastroenterologist told me that you can do everything right and the weight still won’t come off,he said you can drink water and gain weight.. said in not a nice way.. Good luck.

    •   Kathy  |   

      I think i would find someone new to work with. It truly is what we eat.And what we don’t eat.

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