Top 5 Superfoods That Are A Waste Of Your Money

There are so many so called superfoods out there. Yes, they do promise some amazing benefits, however, in fact, they are ineffective, harmful and are a waste of your money.

So today we are covering 5 such superfoods. Here is our video about it:


5 Superfoods That Waste Your Money

1. Spirulina.

Spirulina is touted as having a high nutrient content, as well as containing all the essential amino acids and even vitamin B12. But do you actually need to be having it in your diet?

All the nutrients that you will find in spirulina that human beings need to be healthy can all be found in a healthy diet that is full of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, with the exception of vitamin B12.

Unfortunately, the type of B12 that spirulina contains is analogue B12. It is not usable by your body and can even interfere with usable or ‘active’ B12 your body really needs.

If you want to take B12, then we recommend that you choose a specific B12 supplement that is actually usable by your body.

2. Raw cacao/chocolate.

Chocolate, especially raw, are revered by many health gurus and is supposed to be full of antioxidants and other nutrients, including essential fatty acids.

But what about some of the other compounds to be found in them are there effect on your health?

Theobromine and caffeine are two substances that are found in raw chocolate and have a negative effect upon the adrenal glands in your body.

When you eat raw chocolate, the energy boost they get from eating it does not come from the chocolate itself, but their own body.

This stimulating effect actually robs your body of energy and is not health promoting. A healthy alternative to cacao is carob powder.

Top 5 Superfoods That Are A Waste Of Your Money

3. Wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass is widely used by many people, including raw foodists, and is supposed to contain a wealth of nutrients.

These include chlorophyll and enzymes. Yet, its taste is unpleasant and people use various methods to try and mask this when consuming it.

There are also side effects that people can experience from consuming it, such as headaches, nausea and hives. Also, you don’t actually need chlorophyll and enzymes.

The bottom line is that all the nutrients that wheatgrass juice contains can all be found in a healthy diet that contains fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

4. Goji berries.

Goji berries were a favorite of Yulia’s and she use to love eating goji berries before starting our low fat raw food diet.

They are promoted as being anti-aging due to the antioxidant content.

Yet, you can find all the antioxidants your body needs in other fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and without the expense that typically comes when buying goji berries!

Plus, goji berries are no different to other dried fruits, including, dates, raisins, apricots and many more…

5. Bee pollen.

Bee pollen is a non-vegan product and is trumpeted for its supposed great nutritional value. Essential amino acids, enzymes, vitamin B12 and high in the B vitamin folate.

Well, we have just earlier talked about enzymes and essential amino acids are found in an abundance in a healthy raw vegan diet from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and so too is the B vitamin folate.

Getting your vitamin B12 from bee pollen is not a reliable source.

If you want to supplement with this very important vitamin then we recommend that you choose a specific B12 supplement that is actually usable by your body.

So, as you can see a lot of so called super foods simply fail to live up to all the hype!

The best way to help ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs without spending money on expensive, and even unhealthy superfoods is by eating a whole-food, vegan, as much raw as possible diet.

What are your thoughts on superfoods? Do you use any? Will you stop buying any of those covered in this article? Post your comments below!


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32 thoughts on “Top 5 Superfoods That Are A Waste Of Your Money

  •   Habitat for Herbivores  |   

    Great tips! I love vegan chocolate lol.

  •   M. Fender  |   

    Good video!

  •   meemo1313  |   

    I dont buy any super foods on your list but I do grow my own goji berries

  •   lkasdlf  |   

    Opinion base on biased and limited knowledge. Fail.

  •   Lee Sybrant  |   

    What do u think about vanilla bean powder? Thank u

  •   Juliana Salazar  |   

    I didn’t know Spirulina had B12 from animals. Mine says its blue-green
    algae and is vegetarian.

  •   E-Z On Raw  |   

    I use raw cacao nibs :)))

  •   PlantBased Bill  |   

    Great video! Thanks for the advice.

  •   Lee sybrant  |   

    Excellent video Paul. Thank u!

  •   Carol S.  |   

    I don’t agree with the wheatgrass being a waste. Not saying everyone needs
    to consume it. Been growing my own for years so it’s cheap.

  •   Jennifer Wickwire  |   

    Just because you don’t eat these foods doesn’t mean no one should eat these
    foods. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of these wonderful,
    God-given healthy natural foods.

  •   Marthe Endresen  |   

    Where are you from? I’ve been trying to figure out your accents forever 😛

  •   Fit Fab Menopause  |   

    Have to thay that none of the things you mention are actually ‘bad’ for you
    – just you think that you can get them elsewhere in your diet, which is
    actually really great if you live somewhere where fruits are abundant and
    cheap. We don’t all live in places like Thailand. I live in Spain, and
    sweet tropical fruits are not so abundant (believe it or not), and are
    rarely organic. We all have to make decisions as to what is the best for us
    to eat, based on what we can get hold of. If I can’t get something that I
    can make up for in taking a ‘super food’ then I will. Not sure if I see the
    sense in videos where we are constantly vying as to which is the ‘best’ way
    to do raw. Wouldn’t it be better if we all just promoted a healthier diet,
    ie. reducing processed foods, more wholefoods etc. For the record, I know
    bee pollen isn’t vegan, but it has greatly helped me re-balance and reduce
    my symptoms of the menopause, and believe me that is worth it. I also take
    maca powder, which I am sure you probably don’t like either!!!

  •   dina  |   

    yeah i grow my own goji- and mulberries too. the gojiplant is very easy to handle. the mullberrietree is huge, but you can cut the tree like a ballerina tree, so it doesnt take too much space. thanks for your advice !

  •   Arlene  |   

    Enjoy the videos from you and your wife. I agree with the B12 being the right kind. I do use wheatgrass though and will continue to do so. I had lymph nodes that were huge and went to the doctor etc. Ate a good diet but they remained. I used wheatgrass for 10 days and they went down to normal size. Enjoy everyone’s comments.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      That’s interesting, thank you for sharing!

  •   Judy Schmidtke  |   

    Thank you for continuing to speak the truth about a healthy lifestyle/diet. This is great information. in nature we wouldn’t have had availability to half of what’s out there now regarding “super foods ” like spirulina, for example. It seems we jump on every bandwagon and overdo everything when eating enough fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, as you say, is what we need to be healthy. Thanks

  •   P ANDIAS  |   

    I like your video’s, I find it hard to believe you in certain statements
    you make.

  •   Paul Scaturro  |   

    Why the need for a B12 supplement? Isn’t nature providing everything we
    need or do we NEED animal products to be complete?

  •   Jerome Falcon  |   

    Spirulina is a very nourishing superfood! Spirulina and chlorella can help
    feed the poor tremendously! Wether its B12 content is “analog” or not is
    not important. We can get B12 and B17 easily in many different ways. I
    consumed quite a lot of spirulina and chlorella in the past two years, and
    it had nothing to do with B12 in my intention. I do believe these ancient
    life forms provide unique roles and potential.

    Cacao has been revered and used by ancient civilizations in America for
    thousands of years. Once again, a very deep nourishing food! Cacao trees
    grow naturally in Central America, and the love of native families for such
    trees would blow you away if you witnessed it. Cacao trees have a divine

    Such as sprouts, wheatgrass is very cheap to grow at home or in all cities.
    Like algae, wheatgrass juice provides amazingly high doses of specific
    nutrients and life structures. I personally have enjoyed the taste of pure
    wheatgrass juice everytime I have had it!

    Goji berry is a fruit that is easy to dry and transport. It does provide
    again special life force and nutrition.

    I agree that fruit is a higher food than others in general, but it’s all
    relative to where people are in their own health journey, and where they
    are physically on Earth! Transition is important.

    Sending love!!! <3

  •   Roger Fontaine  |   

    Paul, loved your video made in Bali with fruit baby and wife. Question: it
    appears that raw vegan fruitarians are runners and 20-30 somethings? do you
    need to burn off those excess calories running? or is this just a lifestyle
    preference? Avg. daily caloric intake for adult male is approx. 2500
    calories. how many calories do you take if you’re funning 25 km. daily?

  •   Ashmedai Iii  |   

    How the hell is a diet that requires supplements either natural or healthy?

  •   Health Glows  |   

    Thank you for this great info!

  •   Mikus Palmis  |   

    If you want the best B-12 supplement, I suggest trying Max B ND from
    Premier Research Labs or Max Stress B from Quantum Nutrition Labs (same
    product and company, different names). And if you want quick inexpensive
    shipping (like a few days, sometimes next day if you’re in CA or in the
    same zone) then order from Total Health Secrets in Emeryville, CA (Jon


  •   Elise Hodnefjell  |   

    Hei:) I haven’t stop eating raw cocoa, but I rarely eat it now, I find it a
    good way to stop eating things to just have them around, until they are
    long gone in my diet, but not by forced restriction.I will like a year
    frome now, when I stop eat it completely, I`l give it up frome my kitchen
    🙂 Thank you fore making me process better 🙂 It is a stimulant! And create
    patterns! I have given up gojiberrys, thank you:)

  •   Malinka Molinas  |   

    You and Yulia are both lovely

  •   Nadine Sofia  |   

    Thank you for the information!

  •   maria lou  |   

    I enjoy the taste of wheatgrass – am I the only one???

  •   lindalu22291  |   

    I just really want to hear all this in some sort of consistent message from
    a couple of people who happen to have a ‘PhD’ at the end of their name.
    Everybody and their brother claim that they themselves KNOW ALL, they
    themselves are the absolute experts, they themselves and their views are
    100% correct and right– and all of em throw around a bunch of supposedly
    proven medical ‘facts’ to back up their claims. I just wonder how it is
    possible that so many ‘experts’ find so many different ‘facts’ to support
    their own ‘truths’ that are supposedly ‘absolutely, positively’ 100%
    accurate. Call me crazy, but I just like to deal in scientifically proven
    facts and not myths.

  •   Tom Kraj  |   

    be careful listening to this guy. Wheatgrass is the best cleanser of the
    body. people get headaches etc because the wheatgrass just detached mucus
    and pus stored in ur cells and took it into the bloodstream to be
    eliminated so as it travels to the head obviously u get headaches etc until
    it is eliminated after which u never felt better before. Most of what this
    guy says about whats good and not is on uneducated guesses. Just coz u feel
    bad from something or because it tastes bad is not a reason for it to be
    actually bad for u! Blind following the blind on this thread…

  •   Samara V Hamilton  |   

    Thanks for the info!

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