My Bodily Changes: Nearly 6 Years On A Raw Food Diet

It will be 6 years this summer since I went high-fruit raw vegan. One thing that I must say for sure: my body went through a lot of changes and I am excited to share with you my raw food before and after experience!

Two things that I was a bit embarrassed about before I switched to this lifestyle were the dark circles under my eyes and how puffy they were. I used to have to use a lot of make up to hide the puffiness!

Now, my eyes are always bright and I hardly ever wear any make up! Plus, I look younger than other ladies my age.

The next change was my weight. It used to go up and down all the time. And regardless of how much I weighed, I could never manifest one change: flat and toned abs!

Guess what happened when I went raw vegan? My body started healing itself and I felt like engaging in fitness. And what happened to my abs as a result of my raw food lifestyle? They became toned and flat – naturally!

Another issue that I had before I went bananas was my skin. It used to be so dry! I had to carry creams with me in a bag to moisture it. And then I found the fruity lifestyle …

These days my skin is naturally silky and it just glows. No creams are needed any more!

My hormones also went through a change and so did my overall health. In this video, I talk about the many positive changes that I have experienced as a high-carb raw vegan and I also show my before and after photos.

Now, the question for you is: what bodily changes have you gone through on this lifestyle? Please share them below!


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5 thoughts on “My Bodily Changes: Nearly 6 Years On A Raw Food Diet

  •   lisa  |   

    I love hearing these great stories. I to am raw vegan. My skin became clearer, my mood became happier, more energy, hardly ever get sick and general overall health.

    •   jodieleigh  |   

      I suffer with candida. Can you give any advise on how to overcome this and how to stick to it I have no willpower, I’m so glad I have an understanding partner who as stuck by my for 5 years which is when I was diagnosed. I have a beautiful 8 month daughter whom I want to be healthy for. At the moment I’m tired all the time get really bad fatigue and my hair skin and nails are terrible. Regards jo

      •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

        Hi Jodie, I’ve posted several videos about it, please feel free to search the blog. Also, we’ve done lots of motivational videos and articles, as well as written books and developed products on going raw and succeeding at it. Wishing you speedy healing!

  •   Nicole  |   

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