Nutrition For Stress And Anxiety + What We Ate In Rishikesh, India

Stress and anxiety is a big problem for many people.

Doctors often treat anxiety and stress with just medications, but the answer to managing anxiety and stress is quite often in the food that you eat.

Your brain is complex and it’s got specific nutrient and energy requirements.

For example, processed foods and processed sugar negatively affect your mental health, causing negative changes.

So what can you do to better manage anxiety and stress?

I will talk about it more in our video today.

We’ll also take you around the city of Rishikesh – a spiritual center in India which we’re visiting now, sharing our meals and stress coping strategies with you.

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9 thoughts on “Nutrition For Stress And Anxiety + What We Ate In Rishikesh, India

  •   Miriam Woolf  |   

    I love Rishikesh! Thanks so much for this video. I’d fallen off the high raw diet bandwagon and you’ve helped me get back on it. ?

  •   Sophie Topham  |   

    Sending you all lots of hugs xx looks really lovely there :)

  •   Jhonatan Torres  |   

    Do you know if I can eat olives with candida overgrowth? I had been doing the usual high fat/protein candida diet without any fruits for about a month feeling miserable until 3 days ago that I found one could eat some berries, but then yesterday I found your channel and I ate some bananas and tree tomatoes and felt really great, I have been losing a lot of weight because it was only yesterday that I started adding more fruits so I bought some olives as well to eat with my salads, do you think it would be detrimental?

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Olives do contain quite a bit of fat, so i would exclude them while healing an overgrowth of candida.

  •   Da Man 52  |   

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    •   Rawsomehealthy  |   

      Thank you so much!

  •   Burnice T  |   

    I’m sorry for your loss. Do you speak Hindi? India is beautiful❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  •   eva800  |   

    Dear Yulia,I know how you feel. My dad transitioned last month. Feel him,talk to him,he might come visit you in your dreams. He will be always alive with you. Nice video from India (wow completely different world compare to Los Angeles) Love. Eva

  •   Tofsport  |   

    I have Social Anxiety and for the people who don”t have it, you are lucky. You hear someone or a group of people laughing, you think its about you. You make eye contact and look away immediately and feel embarrassed. You talk to people quietly almost mumble like. You overthink things you would say more than you talk. Your opinion doesn”t matter as much as the other persons, so it is never spoken. You almost feel like its rare when you”re not blushing. You can”t go a day without showering and if something is wrong, like a haircut looks the smallest amount weird or different to you, you become depressed. You don”t want to see people and make conversation. You use excuses to hide the truth of whats bothering you. You almost just want to break down and cry, if you weren”t too scared to cry. Social Anxiety is a horror and I live all of this in an everyday life. It”s very hard and our minds are very complex. Now, for people with social anxiety, what I did to help overcome anxiety was to start designing. Even drawing or sketching can help. Instead of talking to people about problems I just draw my feelings out and I almost feel like a normal person. Don”t let it control you, live your life as much as you can ? I hope this helped describe what it”s like to you guys

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